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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Joy of Straw

They say Oregon is Whine country and I've been doing my share. Looked back over some posts and realized there is a certain negative tone...
Found my annoying friend some straw. It seems as though there is a lot of wheat straw to be had. Neighbor wanted to get rid of some as there was too much for him to plow under. It was well over three ton to the acre of straw. He made a deal with annoying guy and sold him the straw at, or below cost. Neighbor is now laughing at me as he says he sold it so cheap this fellow will think the price should always be low. It is funny because it is basically true.
Have actually been getting some baling done. Did 25 acres of 3-tie oat straw yesterday and stacked most of it. Have another job doing 2-tie for a nursery. Got the nursery their 300 bales but had a lot of problems with the little Hesston baler. It doesn't like 3-ton oat straw which has been combined with a 25 foot header, right down on the ground. The bales are like five feet apart. I got the 300 bales delivered so that is out of the way. I'm putting the rest into squeeze blocks and will store it and sell it in the winter. Hopefully it will bring in pretty good money. Good 14x18 bales are really hard to find. You can actually pick these up with a loader or hay hooks or a squeeze so they should be easy to move. 
Weather is cloudy and looks like rain. Hope it will clear off enough to bale today!

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