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Thursday, August 13, 2009

How I made a fool out of myself today

Well I sent off two emails to J.J. Keller, one to the main website and one to the President, Mr. J Keller himself at his little dogsled racing page.
Two hours later I got a call from Shelley, the person in charge of my father's account. She got my brother's name wrong, and did not understand several things about the business, so she thought we were trying to scam them. I explained the complexities of our farm business and the fact that dad does some strange things and then forgets what he does. I also noted that Dad had been talked into a number of purchases, 20 gallons of rustproofer, 10 gallons of mouse bait, and so I was kind of touchy about these issue. She my dad seemed to know what he was talking about and was capable of making decisions. I said, well that's half the problem. She apologized and said she would not charge our account. I asked for a return authorization number or what to do with the materials, I said there was just one packet of information and a bill for $500. She said that they sent us a huge thick book in May. Moment of silence. I said, "oh' Another moment of silence, now it starts to make sense. I couldn't figure out what my brother was talking about when he said we had already got some of the materials. I remember that book. Dad thought the Oregon OSHA people had sent him the book as part of the OSHA class I had attended.
So I apologized and said I thought we had to pay for what we had received. So we all shared apologies and I hung up very embarrassed. I suggested the start a course on "Communication within a Business." She did laugh...
Well, that is what email contact numbers are for. I did get results and I did express myself. It is a shame I was WRONG...

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