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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Going to sleep whist blogging....

Was looking at post from last night. Once again I actually went to sleep while typing! Note the last couple words in the post. Had the same problem a couple days ago, actually fell asleep with my hand on the keyboard resulting in very long post on the letter "o"
I did actually get something done yesterday which off sets the fact that I didn't go visit anyone.
As I think I related previously the a/c compressor locked up on the 2-135. I ordered a new one from Harold Electric Co. and it turned out to be the right one for the White part number but the wrong one for what was installed on the tractor.
A local tractor repair service had what we thought was the correct compressor. I spent Saturday flushing the a/c system and trying to find leaks. I installed the compressor, put oil in the system, then removed the caps on the compressor. Flare fittings instead of o-ring fittings. Wrong compressor. I called the repair service and the fellow say's, "oh no I was looking at the pulley and I forgot to check the fittings." So I take it back Monday. I should have double checked the fittings. Stupid me!!!
Bill ended up running combine all day so I did not have him to swath wheat stubble or cut hay. I thought I would get the 2-135 together so I concentrated on fixing the a/c.
By 5 p.m. I was so uptight I couldn't sit still. Wife had to go get daughter from Salem about that time which was the one thing, other than me being tired and uptight, preventing us from either going to the Butteville Store music and pork extravaganza or to Bruce's house for dinner.
I installed the old compressor and tried to pull a vacuum on the system to check for leaks. It would not hold a vacuum and I couldn't find the leak which added to the frustration. Finally at 7 wife was home and we talked about dinner. Sadie and I were going down to the river to check the alfalfa field when Bill showed up. He had finished combining the good part of the oat field and all was left was the patches with lots of Morning Glory (field bind weed) which had gone to seed. The seeds are very hard to clean out of the oats so we were doing them seperately. (Wauken oats-notilled into sweetcorn stubble in the fall. Should go well over 1 ton per acre-one good crop this year)
So Bill and I decided to go get the 2-155 which was at gopher valley along with the harrow, cultipacker, and plow. Sadie didn't want to go along so I dropped her off at the house and away we went. Had to replace wheel bearing on harrow but we were prepared.
Up at Gopher Valley they were having a Mexican Rodeo. You could hear the music and hollering from across the valley. They were certianly having a good time. It is funny as Gopher Valley is a narrow bottleneck valley five miles off the coast highway 18. Bill hooked the harrow on the pickup and I hooked up the plow and took off with the 2-155. We have an old Melroe 911 five bottom pull plow. I did have to stop partway down the valley and lock the tailwheel as it started to fish-tail pretty bad. Along the way I was passed by-and met carloads of hispanics. They certainly know how to get around wide farm equipment on a narrow road. They don't mess around, when there is an opening they zip past. It was actually less stressful than the usual string of traffic that accumulates behind me on that road. No fingers out the window either.
I got home right around dark and Bill and I went to check the irrigation. I felt much better. I actually got something done. Moving to and from Gopher Valley is kind of stressful. Now I do have a tractor big enough for the diskmower (Hesston 1340) although it might be a challenge to cut hay or bale with duals on. But, we shall see.
The one good thing with all this compressor problems it that I ran into a neighbor who I should know, but whose name I can never remember, (it is ok cause I know who he is related to) who wants me to plant 80 acres. Oh boy! I have 1/8th of what I need to make my drill, my tractor, and the stacker payment! Well perhaps more like 1/10th or perhaps 1/16th. Perhaps I should just stop wondering about payments and just concentrate on getting stuff done now.

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