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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have a problem with friends. I have just realized that in the past couple years. I get the impression people think I am a friendly and outgoing person and I think, the same thing with my wife. Really we are kind of shy and I know I am fairly introverted. As a result we tend to stay home. Unless forced to leave the shelter of our own happy spot.
We were invited to a friends place for dinner, and we had also planned to attend the Flying Pig musical extravaganza at the Butteville Store.
But we had to pick up daughter in Salem and I accomplished nothing all day.
So, we didn't go to either event, but we got our daughter back from her aunts.
I was trying to fix the A/C on the White 2-135. The first compressor I bought was completely wrong. The second was slightly wrong, but in the end they were both wrong. Finally I gave up and went up to Gopher Valley to get the 2-155. We brought it back and I think we are going to mail and cccc

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