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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to 100 degrees

It is hot again! The humidity is much lower than the last hot weather spell. I can bale past 11 p.m. Don't really have that many big fields so that I can take advantage of 16hrs of baling time. Last week it rained 1/2 inch. Not enough to skip an irrigation cycle on the corn, but enough to ruin the tops of the stacks that were sitting outside. And to color the straw-and to make the weeds grow in the wheat stubble.
Fixed the A/C on the White 2-135. Got a new compressor after several wrong ones. The difference between a rotary compressor with flare fittings and one with o-ring fittings is nothing but $100. Ouch!
Then, when I was looking for leaks I removed the evaporator from the cab. I was very careful cleaning it and handling it, so no fins were bent. Then when I was blowing out the a/c vents in the cab I hit the evaporator with the air hose and knocked it to the ground. It landed one of the fittings and it made a hole when I straightened the fitting. I soldered it! Unbelievable. It actually worked. It was impossible to reach, plus none of the butane torches out here worked, couldn't find any acid core solder, or flux. But, after much fussing around I was able to melt some solder on the crack in the fitting. Then I drew a good vacuum and dumped in some a/c leak sealer.
It worked yesterday evening. Hope it works today. Pretty hot yesterday, today it is supposed to hit 100.
I have to get everything ready in anticipation of a visit from Ed Winkle. Not everyday a famous blogger comes to visit you!

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