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Monday, December 5, 2022

Cold Weather

Today was a beautiful day. But, last week it was cold. I am quite happy we have a green house with a good heater. It is a great place to warm up ones boots and feet. There is usually enough condensation on the glass that I can hide and watch Benny Hill on YouTube and nobody notices.

I have a great job!


  1. Great to hear. Its beautiful here too, as long as I don't step outside the house. Had wind chill factors near -50 yesterday which is I don't know, running out of words to describe. Plus this miserable cold has been hanging on for a week. Of course it does give me an excuse to barely do anything more than the bare essentials outside.

  2. I think I have been fighting something off for a couple months. I can sleep 11 hours every night. That is really not me. I could sit in my easy chair and look at Yesterdays Tractors or how to build something. But now I go to sleep.

  3. Your posts are too infrequent. Certainly somethings happening that makes your life worse and your reader's lives better.


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