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Sunday, June 15, 2014

I start reading my archives and start to question my write and forget policy

Does anyone ever read my previous postings?
I found this quite interesting.
I have written the whole story somewhere but i can't find it.
Also, Mr. Cook was telling about his war experiences and I wrote that down at well. And how my uncle got his sharpshooter award even though he never hit the target.
I have a number of half started journals and a few outlines of stories I've been told that I never finished. These are mixed in with designs for projects I never started, cryptic wiring diagrams for projects I don't understand, and lists of things to do, and sketches of robots. I have a number of sketch books and spiral notebooks which I have written in over the years. It is very tedious and boring to go through them but I sometimes find gems. I think they mostly get throw away or the fill up and are left in a tractor or pickup truck till they get wet and are thrown out.
Memories only last two generations and then it is just moss on a tombstone.


  1. Why do I feel like you are supposed to be out planting that other field? America has to eat.

    Grace and peace

  2. A "Rolling Tombstone" gathers no moss. I was going somewhere with this.

  3. I have already outlived many of my own memories. It is somewhat worrisome. My father said once that I should keep a diary, but sometimes ignorance is bliss. Some mistakes don't need to be relived.

  4. I've decided that I don't want people I know reading any of my blogs (with one blog exception). People I know can digest my Facebook drivel. Once in a while I'll link a long blog entry to a FB post, emphasis on once in a while. There is one blog that contains professional type posts in the IT & strategic planning and operations/innovation space. Even writing that sentence makes me not want to talk to the people who would read that one, as good as it is. So the question is "if I was driving down the road and saw a mailbox stuck in an old milk can that said "The Lazy Farmer" would I stop? I'd continue driving, thinking about stopping and then drive back looking for a Minnapolis Moline tractor in the field or more likely sticking out of a machine shed and then I'd think "yes, this must be the guy" but I'd then think "he's probably in the jacuzzi" and drive off pretending to never have seen the mailbox. I guess if I knew you I'd quit reading your blog (maybe).

    1. It would be fine to stop. I don't have lazy farmer on my mailbox. I don't actually have a mailbox.

  5. Your Uncle's World War II story is fascinating.

    1. There is another event which has haunted him his whole life but I promised not to talk about it. It doesn't involve acts of bravery or cowardice why General Patton was knocked off right before he released from the hospital.
      But it is quite thought provoking. Someday I will write it down.


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