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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wind and rain has arrived

We chopped 45 ten-ton loads yesterday by 7 p.m.
The dairy guy wanted to quit at 7 p.m. I was going to object but then it started really raining. I should have taken video of the trucks sliding in the mud.
We have high wind and lots of rain predicted.
It is raining rain and windy right now.
My brother calculated that some of the corn yielded 40 ton to the acre. I suspect this is somehow not correct. Either the calculation is wrong or my recently upgraded tractor has a lot more horsepower than the old one. Usually, I know it is 30 ton corn if I have to drop from three rows to two rows.
The no-till corn did not yield anywhere near that well.
It is somewhat of a guess to figure the yield before the whole field is harvested but it is nice to know it was not a complete failure.
We have ten acres left to go.
Now I am going to go outside in the rain and put stuff away that should have been put away several weeks ago.
I'm assuming our little helper will be a little late.
I really hope the corn doesn't blow down in the wind.

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  1. If your brother went to public school it is probably his calculations. I have a group of "gifted" eighth graders who are in geometry. Most of them don't know their basic math let alone algebra.

    Keep the food coming.

    Grace and peace.


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