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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just a little lack of perspective in our neck of the woods

The big deal on the news yesterday was that a drunk guy took a leak in the Mt. Tabor reservoir
They drained it. Eight million gallons of water.
There were people who had observed dead birds being taken out of it in the past. Not to mention that ducks swim around in it on a regular basis or that the treatment plant dumps gallons of chlorine in it. I suppose if he would have crawled over the fence and taken a dump...
Anyway it is all BS. The feds want it covered cause there are terrorists behind every bush who plan on tainting our water supply. I know this is true because there was a Green Lantern story about it on the old time radio CD I bought last year!
Some of the commentators thought the 21-year-old should have to pay for the water drained. I think the city official who made the decision to drain it should have to pay. The 21-year-old should have to drink the water.
In his defense he said he thought it was a sewage treatment plant and that you really should not be able to pee in the city water supply. He also said it was the wrong thing to do but he had a really good buzz going and didn't think about it.
The city is just going to use this as a means to spend more money and in the process kick a little back into their own pockets. They should give the guy a little kickback  as well.
Sam Adams will probably offer him an "internship." And knowing the folks in Portland, when did anyone there ever object to a little Golden Shower?

-In other news Ralph Goff over at Mindless Ramblings has a post about my hero-The Lazy Farmer.


  1. I suppose it never occurred to them to ask any qualified biologist (or mother), but urine is sterile and therefore harmless.

  2. Sounds conspiracy. Nothing like a good pee in the reservoir scare to drive up wine sales.

    Tale makes our elected buffoons in the sovereign state of Iowa sound downright sagacious. On second thought we were one of the first states to outlaw photographic documentation of transgressions by agricultural entities. If your midnight whizzer was wearing a John Deere or AGCO hat, he'd be immune from prosecution and whomever caught him in Willie Flagrantus had better get themselves a really good attorney.

  3. "Shaff said the Water Bureau regularly finds dead animals in the same drinking supply but doesn't dump the water. "This is different," he said. "Do you want to drink pee?" he asked bluntly."
    Personally, I'd rather drink pee soup than decomposing opossum soup. However, I've survived the occasional dead rodent fished out of our previously, cistern, supplied, water supply. Dumping the water? Isn't that kinda politically incorrect and anti-green?

  4. Well it just the tax payers of Portland paying so its not as if the water bureau had to personally pay for all that water!

  5. The clever folks want to put lids on all the water reservoirs. Mt. Tabor reservoir is cool looking and old so it of course has to go. I suppose there is some kick back involved or perhaps another development to make money on. This is just taking advantage of a crisis.

  6. Central Oregon GrownJune 20, 2011 at 11:13 PM

    Do you think he was the first and only male to
    pee in the Mt. Tabor reservoir. I lived in that
    area 35 to 40 years ago. He wasn't. But maybe
    the first to be caught.....wasn't me I sit to

  7. COG, perhaps you should not be able to get so close to the reservoir? Perhaps it does not matter...


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