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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Pat Robertson debate just shows how intolerant people are

Because he said nothing wrong!
I'm not going to repeat the previous post. Don't care that much. Look at this link that G706 posted in the comments section of the first post.
It is a pretty good blog-click here to read it at
Now read the comments.
Public opinion dictates-
1. Pat Robertson is a racist
2. Pat Robertson is an idiot
3. If Pat Robertson said Haitian revolutionaries made a deal with the devil it is not true
4. Since there is no God and no Devil and thus you can't make a deal with either one and it doesn't matter if you believe you did because you didn't and what you think doesn't matter.
I could go on...
The clever folks want to say there was no voodoo involved, and they say that voodoo does not worship the devil. They want to say that this legend is some sort of racist affront that implies that black people could not defeat the French on their own. What a load of crap.
Ok, the ceremony probably happened. A lot of folks in Haiti believe it. If so it was a bonding and planning meeting. They may or may not have called upon the devil. It would appear that people who oppose voodoo call it devil worship.
What is wrong with bringing this up? It is value neutral. So what if it happened.
There are people who obviously believe in it. Why can't you discuss that without labeling someone a racist? How does enlisting the help of spirits put down the Black race? If they had access to the devil then why not use it? What is wrong with Pat Robertson making a contrast between the founding fathers of the USA calling on God and the founders of the Haitian revolution calling on the devil?
If he is wrong he is wrong.
It brings an interesting background and perspective to the issue of what the heck make Haiti such a screwed up place. Look, if the people in Haiti believe a voodoo pact helped free them, and they follow the voodoo beliefs then would not that have an impact on their culture? Could we not debate if this is a good or a bad idea? 
This is more of an illustration of the sea change in how the clever people think than it is an observation of Pat Robertson's character.
You all need to note that the clever people of today are same as the clever folks of days gone by. In previous times they were God and Country and all else be damned. They were racists and segregationists because in the old days that was cutting edge. When most people believed in God, then they believed in God. When people started calling God "she" then they did likewise. They are not free thinkers, they are products of whatever university their parents paid good money to get them programmed.
Their powers of reasoning have not improved. Their ability to recognize open minded discourse has not improved. Their love of burning witches has not diminished-the terms they uses to describe witches have just changed. Those are the folks that will send you all off to the re-educations camps and it will be for your own good.
Pat Robertson lives in a disappearing world. Why is he a threat to anyone? If you don't believe like him then what he says is irrelevant... Who actually listens to him anyway? He probably gets all his ratings from clever folks looking to poke fun at him. Oh, no wait on that-None of those morons actually listened to him, or did any research on the validity of what he said.
Reminds me of the Question Authority bumper sticker. It always makes me want to ask, whose authority do I question...yours?
I have the universal bumper sticker. It would read, "I'm a dumbass." It could replace all other bumper stickers. Except mine which reads, "Keep American Beautiful-Drive a Studebaker."

I still need a 6 or 8 inch endless flatbelt. Needs to be from 20 to 40ft in length. I hope what I said about needing a flatbelt will not be attacked by some clever person. I have made no deals with good or bad spirits on this issue. There may or may not have been an appeal to the Saint Pauli Girl and spirits may have been involved but they were below the .07 percent limit. This may have impacted my interpretation of events surrounding the destruction of aforementioned flatbelt. I have no racist feelings towards busty German girls. In fact I kind of like them. But only in a chaste friendship sort of way.


  1. Blog may load a bit slower on dial up but still tolerable.
    Pat Robertson was wrong it was global climate change that caused the earthquake according to Danny Glover.

  2. So are all the clever folks on the internet laughing at Danny Glover?


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