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Monday, January 4, 2010

Will my daughter will grow up to be your typical moron? I suppose

S. didn't do her reading at Christmas break. So tonight she had to quit playing her Wii to go and read. She is reading Harry Potter. Of course she got Harry Potter for Christmas.
I tried to get her to read Emil and the Detectives. At one point she had started the Narnia series but lost A Horse and His Boy. She might as well read Harry Potter as she will only get a couple chapters done and then she will start something else. Harry Potter seems to be that sort of book for short attention spans.
But, fortunately there are videos to watch. Perhaps she can watch High School musical for the 100th time or perhaps another classic like the Parent Trap remake with Lindsey Lohan. Good role model there. Or perhaps the horrible animation of The Barbie Diaries.
We did read The Lion's Paw at one point. She really enjoyed that book. I'm going to have to push the reading a little more. I told her I was not reading her Harry Potter. I'm not opposed to the magic and opposed to the hype. And I am sure it has no social redeeming value as it was written after 1960. Nothing of any redeeming social value has been written or sung or filmed after 1960.
Were it up to me the TV would meet a 7.62x39mm commie hollow point or perhaps just a trip to GoodWill. I would give up the internet for the quiet that comes from no stinking TV droning on and on filling empty heads with mindless noise.
Well, perhaps it would be hard now with a whopping 15 subscribers.
I'm going to go read a stinking book...
Good night!
My own daughter reading $%^&*ing Harry %^&*&^%$R$RE@Q# Potter. Perhaps next she can go watch Grease, there's a good kids film! Oh, and then Rock and Roll High School! Yes!

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