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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Flax BBQ

OSome photos of my mistake...
A mess

Imaginary farming is better than real farming.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I had a post which I then removed and now I replace it with meaningless drivel. Have a nice day...

I thought it was kind of funny but perhaps it sounded just a bit on the bitter side. If you want to know what it was then you could email me.
Some folks stopped by for a visit right about time to get ready for Church. Had a nice visit.
I'd post some photos of my daily life on the farm but when I backed up my phone I lost my photos. I don't mean that they are deleted. I used GraphicConverter to download them into a folder which I accidently put into the wrong folder (not the photo's folder) and I screwed up the name of the folder and now I can't find them and then I had the delete photos upon download button clicked and I now have no photos in my phone to post.
Since it is Sunday I will post some inspirational music.

My favorite Gospel Artist
Probably Orin's favorite singers,
And to be all inclusive:

And For the Die Hard Fans....

Friday, September 12, 2014

I comment on the news

I've been watching the news...
First they said it was a visit to the beach, now it could be that her family is from Lincoln City. 
McMinnville said the girls kidneys had shut down and sent her to Portland, where she died.
I figured out the story three days ago, when I first heard the story.
The girl is dead, not because some local eatery had a bad sandwich, or didn't wash her hands, the girl is dead because the local hospital and the local doctor misdiagnosed her.
Yesterday we saw photos of investigators taking samples of something from the family home and we were given the name of the restaurant where the family ate lunch.
Today, we see the parents are thinking about a lawsuit against the local hospital. I wonder if they would have filed a lawsuit if they (the parents) were not subjected to an investigation.
This is how we deal with random acts which the authorities usually can't handle. We investigate the random act like it is going to happen every day and we make excuses for the idiots in charge...

2. Two days ago there was a teaser for a story about an Islamic fellow in Portland who was subjected to racist taunts by a TriMet bus driver.
I waited for the story. 
They showed a photo of the offended person. It was a white guy in what appeared to be a Yassir Arafat  costume, or it could have been a surplus Three Wiseman costume from GoodWill.
He was quite articulate and had quite a speech about discrimination.
I wonder...
Picture this: You are a TriMet bus driver who deals with crazy people in Portland every day. A moronic white guy gets on the bus who is pretending to be an Islamic Cleric and something sarcastic just slips out. Honestly, how could you keep it in?
And the tears and lawsuits follow....
I'm just saying...

The guy went to Tigard High School and has taken on an Islamic name and has a Facebook page. Perhaps he is for real but it is Portland. I just assume he is a freak.

UPDATE: The Islamic guy is in fact a crazy maroon. Don't know if he is really a Islamic, but he is a Maroon. Click here to read more about it.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

We go on a bridge tour

My wife worries about me. She tries to come up with plans to get me away for a vacation or take my mind off farming.
The latest effort was the purchase of a Groupon for the Portland Spirit.

The Portland Spirit is a big boat that does dinner cruises on the Willamette river in Portland.
She got a good deal on a bridge tour.
I didn't pay a lot of attention. Lulu seemed excited and I figured if everyone else was excited and the Groupon was purchased I was not going to complain.

We headed to the big city after Church on Sunday. We have been going to a new Church and going somewhat infrequently. Probably because I usually end up talking about farming with people I know there and boring my family to tears.
Part of the plan was to go to Powell's book store. It is a huge used bookstore, you can browse for hours. I like to check the stock of Gene Logsden books. I never buy any because they all cost $20 and I am way too cheap.

I did buy a book that tells how to build handy things on the farm. It was written in 1946. I suppose I'm going to have a problem finding model-T axle housing to build a stand for the vice my neighbor gave me three years ago and is laying in the exact spot I dumped it.
But I digress,

We headed down to the waterfront and found the Portland Spirit at its berth. Not much sign of life so we watched the dragon boat races and observed various nutcases and bicyclists that make up much of the population of the city.

After a while a group of 10-15 people gathered at the gates so we joined them. Seemed like a small group for such a big ship.
After a brief wait a crew member came up with a clipboard and started comparing reservations with our photo id's. It would seem the US Coast Guard is worried that folks who ride the Portland Spirit are potential terrorist threats. Yes indeed, those elderly folks out for a Sunday ride are much more dangerous than all the freaks who hand out UNDER the bridges in Portland...
But, I digress...
We skipped down the gangplank anticipating the pleasant airconditioning the possibility of refreshing cold drinks and snacks on board the Portland Spirit, the luxury cruiser of the Willamette River.
Yes, we walked into the cool air conditioned dining room and continued across the dining room and out a small hatch in the side and made a precarious step into a bouncing small boat on the other side...
It was a Portland Spirit bridge cruise. Portland Spirit is the name of the parent company as well as the name of a boat. But... The Bridge Cruise is a small boat called the Explorer.
It was pretty obvious we were going to look at bridges from a dingy.
We kept pretty quit until several other people admitted to the same mistake.
We all had a good laugh.

It was a fun ride. A young crew member kept up a cheerful banter and explained all the bridges and interesting trivia.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Little glowing arrows

I want to plant annual ryegrass as early as possible so it is above the water level on our farm. After no-tilling for a number of years you forget how many trips you have to make across a field. It won't pack, my little helper had an accident with the heavy roller, I'm trying to make hay, and the dust is so thick at night I can't see a thing.
I'm attempting to use GPS but it is much more difficult than playing Super Mario brothers on the Wii.
I kept looking for the end of the field and suddenly I caught a hint of a reflector. I put the clutch in at the very last moment.

I knew I should have parked on the other side of the ditch...
Just about smashed by nephew's favorite pickup...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Some random video from farming that doesn't show corn or a view from a drone

Here is a video of straw baling operation. Daughter is running the double rake, little helper is baling, I'm out standing in the field...

Yesterday was a continuation of my harrowing experiences. (get it, harrowing?) The tractor kept running hot. I would have to park in the shade at the end of the field and let it cool down. I blew out the radiator several times. I went slower. Then I sort of went to sleep. After dark it ran cool. I know the radiator is not plugged but yet it acts that way. It was 90 degrees or so.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Random thoughts and focusing on thing irrelevant to farming

You know you drive like an old farmer when...
You drive down the highway, down the hill to the field, and discover your coffee cup on the toolbox, and even though it doesn't have a lid, it still has coffee in it...

I saw something shiny on the harrow-

Cow magnet stuck to the bottom of the harrow? Did it come out of the poop or was it put there to catch wire and nails? Just bought the harrow from the estate of a retired farmer who didn't use cow manure.

I downloaded 23 hours of Joan Jett from Amazon Prime...
Community College was so long ago... If I close my eyes and listen to "Album" I can get thath feeling of being out of High School and looking forward to life but then I get lost in the field and plug up the harrow. Then i get depressed and thing about lost opportunities, not going to Willamette, not taking that internship, not... Yeah I'm deleting the playlist...
Last night my daughter had a talk with me...
Her: "You know Dad when I was little and I'd be into some type of toy and then suddenly I would have way more of that toy then I could even play with?"
Me: "Well, yes, but that lady on eBay gave me all her Polly Pocket collection when I wrote that nice note saying how much you loved PollyPocket and you were dying of cancer such a sweet little girl...
Her: "Yes, but, I have a hug box of PollyPocket that I only played with for a year,"
(And we got off subject for a while...)
Her: "BUT THATS NOT THE POINT!" exclaimed a frustrated 13 year old, to her father who doesn't always have the attention span to listen to the whole speech but tends to guess the ending...
"So you discovered I downloaded 23 hours of Joan Jett," said her father who had correctly guessed where this was going.
"Yes!" said Lulu
I had forgotten that we all share an AmazonPrime account and that Lulu now also has 23 hours of Joan Jett on her iPhone.
"Normal Parents are not like this," said my daughter.
Then she went on to point out that only a year ago it was weird old country western music and note that just because she enjoyed the Joan Jett concert did not mean that she wanted every song Ms Jett had ever written, multiple Blackheart T-shirts, or a father who was a groupie.
Fair enough...
23 hours of Joan Jett is kind of getting to me.
I must learn to pace myself...
Later I asked her what regular parents did for entertainment and she admitted that perhaps she did benefit from parents who obsessed about things she found interesting...
IF I COULD JUST FOCUS ON SOMETHING THAT MADE MONEY or produced better crops or was useful in anyway...

Example: Did you know that PT boats had three 12 cylinder Packard engines and could go 35 mph and produced 1500 hp per engine? 
Well of course you did, anyone who reads this blog knows that, common knowledge...
I gotta go to work...