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Monday, January 16, 2017

I get twice the responsibility and no raise, oh boy...

I do not aspire to greatness.
In fact I'm kind of a screw up.
This is me today while I was supposed to being trained for my new job. I did not post the recording of the other guy as he doesn't want to get fired.

My work friend transferred to another department. He gained a big increase in pay and added responsibility.
This morning it was announced I would be taking his place. He does all the athletic fields. This is twice the responsibility and I now have to get my commercial spray applicator's license. If I wanted to apply chemicals I would have got the license 20 years ago.
My old area is a great area. I have hills to climb and lots of different things to do. I don't have to drive lawnmower five days a week in the summer. Nor do I have to deal with coaches or have precise settings for lawn care.
I asked if I was getting a raise.
I'm not...
I really wish I could quit...

The things young white kids want to believe and we pay for with our tax dollars

I have a nephew who is really a nice guy. He is smart and thoughtful and totally and a good person. But he is completely full of poop. In another age he would have been a missionary or pastor. He now works for the Oregon Student Interest Group.
They go door to door to develop cell groups and it is called community organizing. Sort of the Jehovah Witness of the Social Justice Warrior Religion. He is quite good at it it would seem.
I avoid commenting on his Facebook posts because it will only make me look like more of a racist and intolerant white person than I actually am, and because persecution only reinforces the belief systems of people who are Marxists, Social Justice Warriors, Democrats, waiting for Space Ships to take them away, or other Cults such as John Deere owners, or who listen to Justin Queefer.
Here is a link to an inane essay written by one of his fellow travelers at University of Oregon.
Your tax/tuition dollars at work...

Click Here

If you don't want to click I can summarize it.
The USA is an oppressive state run by White Males and founded solely on Slavery. Slavery is perpetuated by the Prison system which only targets black folk. The issue of whether the USA is becoming a police state is bypassed in favor of a conspiracy theory of oppression only of Black People and Social Justice Warriors.

Have a nice Martin Luther King Dr. Junior day.
Don't forget to celebrate Jackson and Lee's birthdays later in the week.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Global Climate Change Inspired Weather Continues

We have more snow.
I was called in early in the week to come in a 6 a.m. and do snow and ice removal.
I bought extra warm clothes so I would be the one to run the Toro snowplow.
While it is a bit nippy at 6 a.m., I like to run bulldozers, and I am allergic to hard work. It makes me tired.
I zipped around and plowed sidewalks.
The dining hall folks gave us a free breakfast! I had a very decent omelette and gravy.
The guy next to me pocketed a boiled egg for later. Great plan! I wish I would have thought of it.
Then the skid shoes on my plow wore through so the blade hit the ground.
No one was in the shop and so I welded up new wear plates from scrap metal I found in the scrap barrel.

Then I got caught.
It unfortunately improved my status at work. They suspect I have hidden talents.
This resulted in my being called in to do ice melt at 6 a.m. yesterday.
I told the supervisor I was easily confused and needed supervision. So he called in the guy who normally does it but is moving to a different department.

He spent the morning training me. We went to 7-11 for coffee.
It was much better than shoveling ice.
We stretched it out till 2 p.m. when we had to go home so we would not be paid overtime.
I'm hoping I can find parking lots to bulldoze today so I don't have to shovel.
I am now The Lazy Groundskeeper!
Then I came home and we pulled the engine out of the 2-135. Another engine swap coming up.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


I downloaded an app called YikYak on my iPhone. Students at my college use this instead of Facebook. I like to check it out to see if I am mentioned for doing obnoxious groundskeeper things like running the leaf blower. I also sometimes worry I will be called out for climbing hills when I think there are no students observing.
I have made mention once for cutting cookies in the snow in a parking lot. I felt kind of proud of myself.
I checked it out today to see if anyone was talking about the weather as we are having freezing rain.
This is what I saw...
If found it hilarious. I do wish Ohiofarmgirl was still following me. She would get a good laugh. To really get the humor you have to realize tuition is $46,000 a year. That is a lot of money to pay for a safe space to stick things in your bottom and have people take you seriously.

And now for something completely different, a record I found in a Thrift Store

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Pathetic Snow Storm

It has been rather chilly in my neck of the woods. The temperatures have been in the teens. (Using the nonCommunist system of indicating temperature)
This has made groundskeeping a bit uncomfortable. It is not bad when the sun comes out. The worst thing is having five layers of clothes and having to go to the bathroom. I've considered just pooping myself but eventually I am going to have to get down to my underwear and I suspect there would be some objection from the home laundry department.

My lovely wife got me a Mr. Heater for Christmas. I'm pretty sure this would not be allowed. I keep quiet about it.

I've been raking leaves and cutting woody plants. The leaves are usually frozen to the ground but the point is really to work hard enough to not be cold. It is also good to be seen hauling Gator loads of leaves and clippings around. This makes you look productive.

I've actually had a student buy me coffee and a couple offered. I thought this was pretty generous until it was explained that the students get extra points on the meal cards which can be redeemed at Starbucks and so they are not actually spending $5 of student loan money. (I think)
Today it snowed.
My nephew from the city showed up with a spare computer to play some sort of computer game with my daughter. I was attempting to fix the four-wheeler so that I could tow her on an inner tube in the snow.
I forgot to shut the gas off on the four-wheeler and it filled the crankcase up with gasoline. Of course problems ensued and it took me hours. Then we discovered the old tractor tube had a leak which I attempted to patch and the patch failed.
So I took them for a ride in the snow in my pickup. I convinced my daughter to try "cutting cookies." I think she was not all that thrilled.

It is now raining and 29 degrees. I suspect it will be just a little slick in the morning..

Saturday, December 31, 2016

How I really feel...

Going to work in the belly of the beast has its advantages. I got a week of paid time off between Christmas and New Years.
I've been working here at home.
I meant to post every day. But, I've been surprisingly busy.
What finally got me to stay up late and rant was started by Scooter Boy and followed up by a perusal of FaceBook.

My brother is in Indiana for Christmas and I'm keeping the store open.
Scooter Boy showed up yesterday and attempted to buy a $3.00 can of staring fluid with a credit card. I said, "Really?!!!"
I told him I couldn't find the credit card machine. I didn't want to be honest rude but I was not going to attempt to figure out how to run a credit card payment for a can of starting fluid.
He needed to get something started for the couple he sold his house to.
I asked him if he thought he still owed me money for hay. He said he had so much trauma in his life that he didn't remember if he paid for hay.
I can't find my receipt book so I guess I don't know either.
I gave him a nearly empty can of starting fluid that I had been saving to shoot with the .22 so I suppose the joke is on me.
He went off on the Russians hacking the election...

I think I can categorically state at this point in my life that I have complete and utter contempt for Democrats. There is no point in arguing with them. I've taken to just laughing and saying, "hey, you know I voted for Trump..."
He repeated what sounded to me like new talking points so I opened Facebook to check out what the shrill shills had to say.
Yes there are new talking points. Apparently they all read Politico every morning or maybe it is just telepathically beamed to them when they roll their first joint of the day.

If I can relate just a few points to perhaps clarify my stance. My wife and family discourages me from telling people they are stupid misguided on FaceBook.

The new word is that the Russians are hacking everything. I saw one comparison to the attack on Pearl Harbor. I did not comment with any bitter laughter. Not really a lot of sailors dying in pain while swimming in burning bunker crude with a Russian Phishing scheme (but upsetting nonetheless when it is that evil Demon (ex Democrat) Donald Trump) and a suspected find of code associated with Russian hackers on a laptop that might be connected to a Vermont Utility.
Look you dumbasses... Two things...
First, The reason Hillary was in trouble was that she her own server outside of gubment and storing classified info on her own computer. It was not considered secure. I want to say, "Look you IDIOTS, this is why she was NOT SUPPOSED TO DO IT."  Of course when you just go ahead and give up your password it doesn't matter how many layers of security you have.
Not to mention Weiner Boy...
Secondly, For years, conservative alarmists have been going on about the vulnerabilities to the US electrical grid. For years they have complained about the gubment's indifference to this problem.
Here is an article from this summer off of NewsMax.
Now that it might have happened it is Trump's fault. How do you not expect my to just flat out call you a moron?

And finally...
About the election hacking...
1. The USA and every other country in the world does what it can to influence politics in other countries to its best advantage. SO why wouldn't the Ruskies? AND, of course they have been doing it for years. It is probably why Obama got elected in the first place.
2. What about the information that was revealed and what about the early reports that the Republican's were not stupid enough to fall for a fake Google email requesting a password?
Also, In a side note: I think all the fighting and dirty tricks the Republican's were playing on each other probably came out in the primaries so I suppose I could add that to the Loony Liberal theory that Trump was picked by Putin preferably presumptuously.
3. This idea that the Russians have the goods on Trump and are going to blackmail him to do something. I'm not sure people's opinion on Trump could really go any lower. I'm not sure it matters. I fail to see what the long range goal would be. Perhaps not bombing Islamic nut jobs?
4. When I was a young liberal leaning fellow it was the CIA that was evil and the Russians were just misunderstood and really they were a more free and equal society the us. Not exploiting brown people in any way and never killing anyone who didn't really deserve it.
Last week the Russians became completely evil...
Eurasia has always been at war with Oceana..

The absolute proof that Liberalism is a Mental disorder can be seen with their incredibly ability to ignore years of their own ranting about dirty tricks general evilness of the CIA and count it as a major plus that Hillary was endorsed the CIA. It is amazing to point out what should be an utter conundrum and see the gears skip a fraction of a rotation before that programing they got way back in 1965 at University of Oregon with the purple Koolaid or whatever it was they ingested, kicks in and they happily and gladly exclaim, "Trump is a racist!"

I really don't need to point out that I think Trump is a complete moron and suspect he will do more harm that good and note that he is not Draining the Swamp, Throwing Hilary in Jail, or planning on following through on a lot of other BS, but that is not why I voted for him.
I voted for him just to see you squirm...

That is just wrong on so many levels-I suspect.

What is really disturbing to me is that there is no self awareness on the part of so called liberals.
I can accept the idea that George Bush set the stage for the turnkey police state with the Patriot act but Obama set it in stone by running on a ticket of hope and change and pretending to care about essential freedoms and then expanding censorship, right of due process, restriction of internet security, and the acceptance of the aforementioned Patriot act. And not only that, he continued the was in the Mid East with the upsetting of Egypt and Libia.
I know a few young people who were pretty angry about that and while I think they were misguided in thinking Bernie was going to fix it all, I do understand why they refused to vote for the big H.
But if I can hold George Bush responsible and I can be angry enough to never vote for a Bush again, then can't the libritards admit Obama sold them out and Hillary was his Judas?
It is back to another pint o special Democrat affirmation cocktail probably happily administered anally...

Now that I have this off my chest, perhaps I can go back to making polite conversation with people who should know better but refuse to think outside their chosen world view.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

Christmas marks the passing of a year for me much more than does New Year's Day or even my Birthday.
Things are now different...
Here is a sunset I took at the beginning of the Month.

Here is a sunset I took at the end of last week.

Hope you all have a happy Christmas.
I've been a bit remiss in my postings due to my schedule, my dying laptop, my Stupid Apple Phone, and laziness. Perhaps next year will be better.