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Friday, February 6, 2015

Did you know it is hard to find Left Hand Internal Thread Ball Joint Ends?

The The Mercury-Pettibone DA-100 lift truck is no longer a current model.

I was in a hurry and crashed into the IH-806 in a full lock turn. Broke tie rod end.

Spent three days looking for replacement.

Gave up and decided to improvise. Cut apart ball joint from 1975 Chevy.


  1. And that is the type of innovative skills that keep us in business. Of course in a perfect world we would be paid enough for our labours to afford to run new equipment and not have these problems.

    1. Or as my dear departed mother was want to say, "poor people have poor ways..."

  2. You know, Budd, I've always wondered if the person who originally coined that saying meant that it was our ways that kept us poor, or poor ways was all we can afford.


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