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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The random life (a post from at least a year ago that didn't get pubished)

I think the world ended with the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. Some of my Latinx I mean Hispanic, or rather people I know who came from Mexico, feel that the world ended but we just don't know it. That is why all these random bad things are happening. The glue holding the word together is coming loose.

Or, to be "scientific" as in "Dr. Who" science, our time stream ended and our consiciousness can not comprehend that we no longer exist.

Or perhaps, everyone else was raptured that day that I squished my thumb with a hammer and the resulting exclamation kept me out of heaven, but I was so stoned from handling hemp and listening to Willie Nelson that I just didn't notice.

Either way, life has become strange... In the past month, the neighbor guy shot himself in the face (but lived), my neighbor lady died, a fellow at work who is my age (went to High School with him) had a stroke and was found wandering in the parking lot at work little confused.

Then there is the craziness at my job.

Key points

New article and resignation of board lady

the character of Linfield College

the weird authoritian attitude that faculty didn't notice because they were part of it.

Butt-Dallerstadt and the free speech ball

Pelzner and his quest for racism in Shakespeare

security guy telling me, "Linfield doesn't give a fuck about you..."

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  1. Definitely agree we live in interesting times. Kind of like the old saying that the inmates are running the asylum.


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