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Sunday, July 4, 2021

When The Lazy Farmer gets depressed he thinks about going fishing. But doesn't


The depression worsens...

I had a student come out to me the other day. A beautiful girl who at times drives my guy helper nuts. Last summer he would not even look at her when she would stop and talk to me but he would continually sneak glances.

She can do anything, drive anything, use tools, use proper terminology for tools, knows stuff. ("Knows stuff" is an important thing. You could talk to her about any subject and I think she could carry on the conversation)

However they are reprogramming kids nowadays, "they" do it well. There is a script. 

1. I have always know I was different.

2. I just don't have feelings for the guys I have dated.

3. Dating a woman is so interesting, they are so complex, and it just feels right.

(if student has a Christian background)

4. My parents are close minded and conservative

5. The Bible is open to interpretation, it was written by fallible men. (Men, is an important term if it is a girl involved)

6. That section in Romans doesn't mean what it says.

7. I choose to believe in a God of love and a god of love would never have created me this way if she didn't want me to be happy.


8. I just feel so right about it and my stress level has dropped so much. I am happy. (but yet, I will find out later, still on medication and still has high levels of anxiety)

This will be the third or fourth time I have heard this.

Then the girl will go on to date a needy girl with no personality. (Of course since I work in grounds, I rarely get students with no work ethic or meet the passive sort with no real personality so I don't know the other side)

I read into a neighbor girl who I worked with when I was farming full time. Almost exactly the same conversation. She was tougher, had more personality, was more driven, knew how to do stuff, more than any guy she ever dated. So she hooked up with a puffy and needy older woman with a hell of a lot of ugly tattoos. It is such a shame...

What I observe after the process. 

The parent's cope. Dad rationalizes or pretends it didn't happen. Mom builds a relationship but the kid joins the weird cult of liberalism. If the family is already a bunch of liberal dipshits then it is all wonderful and the codependent couple is given special status with all the other dipshit liberal relatives, but they are still a sideshow. 

Call me an asshole if you want but I am really sad about the whole thing. 

Perhaps I will skip church and go fishing... 

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  1. Yeah, so many have lesbian priests and preachers anymore, it's hard to take them seriously. At least you can talk to God while you're fishing without interrupting any little "praise" ditties.


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