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Monday, March 19, 2018

In the baseball field with your ear protection on, no one can hear you scream

I may have really killed the baseball field this time...
I started to spray Trimec for broadleaf weeds on the baseball field. It was like four weeks ago. I discovered that I read the schedule wrong and there was no an away game that weekend.
I made one pass along the warning track and then sprayed areas of the soccer field.
The soccer field looks great, although the clover is not really dying. Just looking wilted.
However, the baseball field started looking stressed the first week.
Here is the deal...
People blame the chemical or just random events for sprayer screw ups but it is always your fault. I have NO idea what I did.
Trimec may burn the POA a little so I was not so worried at first. It does look bad because the POA or annual Bluegrass ratio to perennial ryegrass turf is not favorable for the ryegrass...
However it is looking worse. At first the perennial had a little white burn like I mixed at too high a rate or applied at too low a speed. But it keeps looking worse.
Week 2: The yellow spots are the dying POA. Note the perennial is still green..
This was not the first area I sprayed so even if I had sprayed glyphosate earlier (which I hadn't) and even if I didn't flush the boom (which I do) then it should not have reacted this way. There is a possibility that the baseball people have been doing their own spraying but I'm a little afraid to ask. So far everyone thinks it is from the hydraulic oil blow out on the mower last month.
Week 3.5: I'm trying to convince myself it is just the POA dying...

I'm afraid to look this week.

I took the day off...

In other news...
I bought Ladybugs to eat my greenhouse aphid collection. They are chowing!!


  1. Remember when folks were just glad to have grass, ANY kind of grass, rather than mud and dust?

  2. It's like the canary in the mine. Toxic pesticides on the grass for the kids to play on. They will be next, but too many years from now to make the connection. Wear good gloves.

  3. It never fails to amaze me the health risks people are willing to tolerate in order to have a perfect green lawn. But Mr. Farmer, don't you dare spray any weed killer on your crops. My "lawns" are all natural but my crops get a yearly dose of weed killer so there is some crop there for me to harvest.

  4. Perhaps it's a yellow warning track in front of the dirt warning track for the players who have a dirt/grass learning disability but are good on colors. You are a visionary...yellow at that.

    1. I will argue that point at my dismissal hearing...


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