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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Oh the Humanity...

My day as a groundskeeper at a small college was both depressing and highly amusing.
I was amazed to see girls walking around weeping openly. 
The President of the college sent out a letter noting that it was truly the end of the world and we had a racist for president (but in nice polite academic terms saying you should not talk bad about people)
He noted that here was a multicultural lounge where students could get together and hug and say bad things about Republicans.
My work study student seemed pretty upset but she is not the crying type. She stopped to talk to me on the way to class. I told her to dump the Maya Angelo crap and stop feeling sorry for herself and I gave her Rudyard Kipling's "If" but didn't tell her it was Rudyard Kipling. She found encouragement from "If" and gave me a bad of chips from the Safe Space Lounge.
At break we heard updates on the sad and depressed student situation. Some humor was found in the whole situation. Fellow groundskeepers and other member of the facilities staff seem to find it hard to imagine that Trump will become a dictator or send anyone to a concentration camp. Of course I do hang out with the smokers.
In the break room once of the hispanics I hang out with in the hopes he will give me food started to build something with playing cards between us. He said it was a wall. I asked if he was going to make me pay for it. He said he was building a tunnel under it. Another Hispanic fellow said it was to smuggle drugs and Chinese people.
Much hilarity ensued.
I asked them if they didn't hate Americans because they created the market for drugs which ruined their country.
They said yes, because it was the poor people like us who suffered in the rich people just got richer off the conflict.
It would've led to an interesting discussion but it was time to go to work. 
And I digress.
Outside,I got so annoyed with the whining and crying that I read "If" to a couple of my work-study students. They were quite impressed. I did not tell them the reason they had never heard of Rudyard Kipling was that their beloved academics have deemed him also a misogynist and racist. 
My main work study assistant then appeared and informed me that he Safe Space Lounge now had pizza and grape Koolaid. I noted it was quite Jonestown of them, which drew mirth from all the old folks.
We went for the pizza but it was of course just plain cheese. No one could be offended that way. There were a number of crying students. I avoided the purple drink. I had another bag of chips.
We went back to work.
I am a bit amazed at the utter despair of the Clinton supporters. I see they are being whipped into a frenzy by the news media. I suppose the riots will continue. What ever it takes to bring us into the New World Order.
I came home and checked Facebook. One relative cried all day. Several are convinced it truly is the end of the world. It is kind of insane as Trump is not much to the right of Bill Clinton when he ran for office.
It is all how you spin it I suppose. 


  1. Weeping socialists! We've entered a new era, Budd!

  2. I've made no secret that I hated both Clinton and Trump. That's me, fair and equal.

    I've managed to stay friends with both conservatives and liberals -something rare these days.

    Most people want a decent world in which to raise their kids. They differ on what it takes to get there. I've encouraged everyone to be civil and that helps. One very liberal woman came to the realization that she cut all the conservatives out of her life and that's not a good thing at all. There's hope if we can walk in each other's shoes a few miles.

  3. Yes but... The hippie grandparents seem to of raised a generation of close minded Marxist lite radicals who want the revolution there grandparents were too stoned to continue.

  4. You actually have a "Safe Space Lounge"? Two different worlds we live in doing the same job.

  5. Safe space lounge? We watched The Hitchhikers Guide To The Universe again, instead of the election. It made more sense and I enjoy laughing.

  6. very sad.
    shows what propaganda and lack of a free press can do.
    these kids' grandparents do come from the hippies.
    it is amazing that whole generations can be led astray so quickly and easily.
    if these kids could know in what contempt the hillaryites and all their ilk hold their followers, they might begin to see the light.
    on the other hand, the cancer of mohammedanism has already grown many huge tumors in our country, so we may find worse worries to come than even the clinton mafia.
    not to mention la raza, which is probably another form of communism. i guess that from their tactics.


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