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Friday, March 25, 2016

A very old sticker

I like old stickers. 
I guess they are sort of like graffiti but have a more professional look. Or perhaps I just like stickers and don't like graffiti. 
Other than "Kilroy was here"
Or people who carve Croaton in trees.
I found this one in a window on campus. It appears to be a faculty office.
They tell me it is really frowned on to look in windows when you are leaf blowing. It is also considered impolite to take cell phone pictures through windows.
I was careful not to get caught.

Other things I keep forgetting to write about. 
I faithfully promised a very nice representative from that I would review their Salvador Dali page and put up a link.
I got distracted by the Artsy app and started looking up obscure artists.
I've already been to the Salvador Dali museum in Florida. Dali must be appreciated in his natural setting. Some of the artwork is huge!
It is kind of like a freak show.
I did enjoy some of the smaller pieces and took notes. 
I lost the notes.


  1. Tink Tink anyone there? Missing my "The Lazy Farmer" fix. Praying everything is alright.

    1. My phone died, my MacBook Pro died, got a new phone, too cheap to buy a new hard drive for the MacBook, have been working evenings and weekends on the farm have not felt inspired.
      Am otherwise fine. Thanks for asking.


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