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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Warming my fingers

I am sitting in my tractor with the heater full blast wishing the sun would thaw the water hose so I can flush out the fertilizer tank on the grain drill.
I'm using speech to text on my iPhone. It doesn't work very well. From time to time I beat the phone on the steering wheel. This doesn't help because I have an armor case for my iPhone.
It's a beautiful morning.
Yesterday Lulu wash my windows. That was nice of her.

I have 100 acres to plant before it rains tomorrow.
Things go wrong. I have a leaky injector line, alternator keeps quitting, and the fertilizer tank on the fertilizer tank has sticky Humic acid in the bottom.
At least the school bus will not be stuck behind me when I move to the next field.
I did not back over my air wrench!

But I did spill my coffee.

Have a nice day.


  1. It's always a rough day when something get the "V" pattern pressed into it. Battery chargers and Lincoln guns are number 1!

    1. I think the air wrench would have injured my new tires. I have squished battery chargers before.

  2. Reminds me of frosty mornings pulling a 2-14 trip crash behind a WD Allis. When I started to lose feeling in my fingers, used to get off and hold them over the end of he exhaust pipe until the cotton gloves gave off steam.

    1. I once tried to roast an apple by dropping down the exhaust pipe of the G1000 Vista. I was not very good. Tasted a little oily.

  3. I bought a big JD battery charger back in the 70's. I was able to take it apart and straighten out the sheet metal. I still have it, but I painted it red.


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