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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The clever folks are thrilled with a new Governor for Oregon and I have a theory...

Kate Brown pretty much represents what those of us who don't live in Portland think of Portland. She has studied Environmental Science, women's studies, was in Family Law, and has odd sexual issues.
I didn't see anything about tasting wine on a regular basis but I suppose that she doesn't. I mean, that is what "those people" do isn't it?
But... she is also friendly to business... She is certainly not opposed to the biggest scam in recent history, Green Business.
Everyone knew Kitzhaber was dirty before the election. The party faithful in Oregon can always be counted on to vote for "their man," so the party machine pushed Kitzhaber. The clever media folks went along, Kitzhaber is elected, and then the scandal is a political opportunity because next-in-line Kate Brown is a better Democrat than Kitzhaber. AND as a stunning bonus, she has a weird sexual bent that most likely does not involve underage girls and boys, (Goldshmidt, Sam Adams)
I just thought of this as I was listening to Kate Brown saying she will institute reforms so that a Kitzhaber scandal doesn't happen again...
A pet peeve, Government checks and balances worked like it should. Perhaps it was a bit slow but when the First Girl Friend pushed the influence selling so far it could not be ignored then they had to resign. What more can you hope for?
Or does she mean, make influence peddling harder to detect so that they can get away with it?
I'll tell you when I thought we were in for an interesting ride, When the governor stopped to do CPR on a homeless man while driving past in his limo. Why do you need that kind of a PR stunt?


  1. Do you put any stock in politics? State or federal? I will vote and make sure my people know how I wish they would vote on issues; Beyond that, they are going to do what they or their puppet master tells them anyway.
    I guess I have decided that biblically, we are on the way to the end times (it won't be a good time), my job is to encourage as many people as possible to join me in an eternity with God. Then let Him sort out the "leaders" and what they have done.

    1. Which is why I will vote Constitutionalist or Libertarian and will take another four years evil I understand vs pandering to my religious beliefs and then screwing me. Meaning, I'm not voting to continue the Bush Dynasty...

  2. Yup, I think we're too far down the slope to ever climb back out. Souls should be our main concern.


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