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Thursday, February 12, 2015

I hate going to the dentist and I hate finding a new dentist most of all

There are a couple things in life that freak me out. Rotting dead animals in the front yard, heights, and going to the dentist.
The Rotting Animal thing can be solved with a good respirator which has dual stage filters. I have one. I have to climb haystacks everyday and so I have learned to deal with it, sort of...
But the dentist thing is in a league of its own...

It was not that Dr. Utter was such a bad guy. He wore a traditional dentist uniform with the little collar and a reflector on his head. The receptionist was very nice. It was not traumatic. But I don't like dentists.
I have had a wonderful dentist for years. She never stuck her finger down my throat and choked me. She had great topics for conversation. She did interesting things so I could listen to her and not talk myself. She did a very good job. She was not horrifically expensive.
But all things must end...
She quit..
Too much paper work and I think she felt the need to travel or adventure or something.
She seems to have sold her practice to one of those modern sincere gee-whiz sorts of guys who has a website and a facebook page and doesn't take the Oregon Health plan.
Which doesn't pay for a new cap anyway.
I wonder how much nitrus costs?
MuddyValley used to do stained glass. I wonder if we both took a lot of painkillers if he could fix my tooth.
Perhaps if I ignore it the nerve will die and someday I will get a job with dental insurance.
I wonder if Dr. W is doing a dentistry clinic in Africa or Panama City (Panama not Florida) and I could wait in line in the sweltering tropic heat, risking aids and Ebola and malaria, and get my tooth fixed...
(I bet they were GMO and Monsanto purposefully ruined my tooth!)


  1. Classic movie and I sometimes quote that line to an old friend. I won't say I feel your pain but I sure identify with aversion to dentists. I've learned to not bite hard things. Tough granola bars or cookies get soaked in coffee just to be safe. I know my teeth are a ticking time bomb and one of these days it will catch up with me. Good luck with yours.

  2. These days, I try to find doctors and such younger than I, so they won't up and retire before I croak.

    1. That gets easier to do as time goes by Gorges.:-)

    2. this is the best thing i've heard all day.

  3. So with the Oregon health plan you can get a temporary crown for free but you have to pay for the real one. Brilliant!

  4. we are entirely BEHIND you... um.. i gotta go to the dentist too. so lemme know... once you clear the way i'll go to the guy here. he seems ok. but i liked my dentist back there on the west side.


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