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Saturday, September 27, 2014

I love my iPhone

Apple has become is a wonderful company. I remember back in the old days when you could just buy an Apple product and bring it home turn it on and start using it. Or plug some random device into the Apple and have it show up as an external hard drive and then use disk tools to figure out how to get it to work.
The New Apple is so much better. I love many layers of password protection, I really love typing with a touch screen and trying to get the "m" key to work without hitting backspace. The experience of accepting a phone upgrade and getting the opportunity to retype all my passwords, not have to worry about posting videos to YouTube or photos to dropbox is wonderful. I also love having random identities from my family assigned to me when someone else updates their phone. This is even better than wearing my wife's underwear, (hypothetically speaking-not that I have ever done that) Although, once, some years ago I may have accidently put her pants on one morning and then when my daughter freaked out I may have sort of flounced around the house refusing to take them off because they, "made me feel pretty." I would never do that because I have lots of self respect and would never want to do anything that would cause my daughter to need counseling in the future.
But, I digress...
Let me just get to the point.
1. I was going to post video of my exciting life, planting and having a nerf machine gun battle (two videos not one) and random photos but I can't.
2. I've been busy planting and getting ready to chop silage and have been posting with my iphone. At this point I can't email anyone.
3. Anger management....

In a completely unrelated point...
People are debating the Oregon voter initiative to label genetically modified ingredients in food. I won't debate. It is stupid. It is funded and promoted by people who love regulation when it is on other folks. We don't need more regulation. That is the bottom line.
If people don't want genetically modified food there will be a market for it and it will happen. Let it happen, don't force me to prove my hay or my grain is nonGMO.
I have spoken...


  1. That GM debate gets old. When I started farming most crops were "organic". No fertilizer and very little herbicide. And nobody had heard of GM varieties because they did not exist. My view is a little biased since I really appreciate growing clean crops of canola where the weeds are controlled by a small shot or two of cheap and safe glyphosate herbicide. And Monsanto assures us it is harmless to humans. Obviously.

  2. In a sense, Monsanto has killed many of my bee colonies and this will ultimately make me unhappier and less health and perhaps dead, so I will respectfully disagree with you on this position. The question here is really about ethics and destiny and moral/science decision-making. Unfortunately as a society we sometimes use regulation to undo or correct our earlier poor decision-making.

    1. My observation is that regulation which we accept as well meaning will have more consequences than what we think it will. The regulations are always crafted to screw the little guy and support the lobbyist with the best cash program. You want to believe it is about ethics and morality and you accept more regulation and more government intrusion into your life. Why would this time be any different?

  3. Art, from what I have read it is the neonicotinoids that are possibly responsible for some bee mortality. Those are not a Monsanto product that I know of. Syngenta for one produces them. I am not here to defend Monsanto but it seems like sometimes people just automatically pull that name out of the hat when problems arise.

    1. There are claims that Round-up kills honeybees and GM crops are responsible for bee deaths. The truth is hard to find in the modern world. I suspect it is BS put out by people who make money by creating fear. I really don't know.

  4. The eminent extinction of the honeybee is grossly exaggerated. To paraphrase M. Twain.It turns out that when looking at statistics of honey bee colony survival back in the 1800's, beekeepers annually lost 1/3 of their hives way back then.
    Insecticides when used properly (key word properly) and per label, is not the same as spraying neonics on flowering trees.
    All this and more from one of the,most respected authorities on honeybees.
    I for one, would like to blame someone for the loss of some of my hives, but I think it generally boils down to mismanagement and normal mortality. Bees normally save up what they need for the winter stores. We work the little darlings to death by managing them unnaturally.

    1. Your bees are not gettinguch exposure to anything made by Monsanto,,,

    2. Lots of roundup used within three miles of me.My bees will fly as far as hwy 18. I even use some.

  5. just made a long comment and lost it.
    want thorough labelling. just a bit of extra print, not extra regulation.
    deb h.

    1. I also wanted labeling until I realized how you get labeling. The way the laws are written you have to prove you are not GMO. Regulatory agencies are required to provide certification and inspection.
      If you want non genetically modified food by local from someone you have a relationship with.


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