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Monday, September 29, 2014

Dad goes for a ride, I put my new spanner to work, and we startchopping silage

Sunday my brother took my farther (thanks iPhone auto spell) FATHER and I for a ride.

We went to see our chicken farmer friend. I should have taken a picture. He has such a wonderful bucolic little farm.
We meandered our way through the backroads and ended up in Willamina.
We had lunch at Coyote joe's which is reliably good food.
Then we decided to spy on my friend's field of Teff.
But we got distracted.

This map doesn't really do justice to the drive. If it were in Gorges neck of the woods it would be "up a couple holler's."
(However you are supposed to spell it)
But then dad went to sleep, we did stop by the Dairy Queen for ice cream. We thought about going to see muddy valley but we were thinking he was away at the drone races.

Later, I made use of my Whitworth spanners to remove the rear tyre on my motorcycle.
I had to remove the special nonstandard exhaust pipes in order to block up the triumph to remove the rear wheel. 

I found out why the rear brake doesn't work.
Today we are going to chop silage.
Which is what I should be doing right now and not blogging using speech to text on my iPhone.
Have a nice day.

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  1. You should have stopped by. Bucolic. Do you catch that from chickens? Maybe we should get some.


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