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Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm moving to Florida

You know it is the little things that really do you in.
The constant rain.
Not getting your work done because you have too many projects to know where to start.
Because you feel like a failure for not having the heart to fire your worthless employee...
Because you had to stick your father in a rest home
Because you are tired of working on junk. Previous century farm equipment and you farm a swamp and you just can't pull off the, "we farm with good older equipment on rich bottom land" sort of lie any longer.
Because the land rent went way up.
Because you spent all your money on feed but don't have any feed customers because you never answer your phone.
Because you don't have the kitchen put together and nothing you measure fits where it was supposed to fit.
Because you are getting old and every bone in your body hurts.
And because even though you put concrete blocks and gravel under your grain tank, you should not have put that last couple tonnes of peas in there because it was not bolted to a concrete slab...
There is a shovel sitting there if anyone feels energetic this morning, also would help if you would bring your own garbage can. I think it will take a couple. There is something like 12 ton of peas in that bin.
Perhaps my chicken friend will come over and fix it. He has lots of energy.
I think I will give all my farm equipment to my brother and move to Florida. Beach access 12 is calling...


  1. Wow! Bad luck there. Hope you have a neighbour with a grain vac. Even our intermittent rain is depressing. On the bright side, at least it is melting the snow banks. There is still hope. As the old timers said, I've never lost a crop in April yet.

  2. Looking at the bin half full side of things,,,at least nobody got hurt. A customer with a lawyer in the family could have been standing there.
    What can I do to help?

  3. oh geez.... *cringes* that's a tough on. well. onward and upwards as we say around here.. cant get any worse, right? at least you didnt have the chase the neighbor's cows like i did yesterday... right after i said i wouldnt do it anymore. dang.

  4. Replies
    1. Well I'd take that to heart but if buy what I can afford I might end up like Jeroboam in
      1 kings 14:10

  5. My better half and I have done 22 senior moves of our parents, aunts and uncles, each move to a more senior location, discarding and reapportioning life possessions, spending ever greater amounts of diminishing cash resources and watching our family members give up more with each move while we clung to our memories of them in our past. It's tough. As others have noted, at least you were not standing in the shadow of the grain bin. Finally when it comes to the important things money is pretty lame. Have faith. Persevere.

  6. I been to Florida, ain't nothin but sand, snakes and Yankees.

    1. You talkin East Coast and Key West.
      I din see nothin but poor folks and chiggers


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