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Thursday, January 23, 2014

What MuddyValley did with his record collection when he moved to Oregon

I have a huge amount of work to do. The sun is shining. But... I am kind of wishing I was in St. Petersburg beach, or Tampa, or Cross City, or it was evening and I was listening to my newest Ventures albums that I need to go get from my friend in Albany.
I have lots of issues to post about but no corn photos.
Ideas: the seminar on marking products from small farms I went to Tuesday. The scratchy wool underwear I wore for the seminar has given me a rash.
The hypocritical christian school and board.
Farming in general- look at Gene Logsden's blog or Ralph Goff.
The weather.
Everything that went wrong yesterday
No-till planting

Instead I have a photo of the record department at the GoodWill at St. Pete Beach. They were so well taken care of I figured the records once belonged to MuddyValley. Mostly because he is the only person I know who recently lived close to there. I guess someone might of found Bobby's stash after a few years.


  1. Gee. I had to click the offensive box three times before it registered. I frequented the GoodWills on the Tampa side. However, I will now keep an eye out for Andy Williams and Broadway musical records for you. I see a lot in common between those & the Ledge. :-)

  2. gotta link for that marketing program for small farms? need to go and read Gene's post but this is me today. maybe we should get matching tatts:

  3. Marketing seminars, thats what I need. Maybe I would learn how to be profitable in this time of depressed grain prices and ever increasing crop input costs. I think I will dig out my 8 track tape player and listen to an Andy Williams tape instead.


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