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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

To Tallahassee

We were going to Tarpon Springs...
Daughter had a rough night.
Yesterday was good. I called a friend who is a nurse and found out what we were doing wrong. She has spent every winter in FL, (except this one of course) She said to drag Lulu down to the pool or the beach and the sea air would clear her out and cool her down. She was right.
We sat at the pool and watched the local sunbathers. I like the old leathery ones who chain smoke. Like a dried up strip of gater jerky with perfect boobies bolted on three-quarters of the way down.
But...they are usually friendly.
We got rid of any asprin. You would not believe how many over the counter medications have asprin and you do not want to kid a kid with a fever asprin.
We bought night time nyquil cause "It's the good stuff, It's like Whiskey and helps you sleep"
We forgot about the possibility of freaky dreams that come from Nyquil induced sleep.
It all started around 11 p.m.
Headache and fever....and coughing
So we went to washcloths on the forehead.
I'd get her cooled down and she would sleep and then wake up.
Sometime though my wife took over, (bless her heart and I crashed)
There was a bit of a storm this morning which I missed.
There are clouds and wind and a little rain.
It is kind of nice.
There have been a few more items dropped from todays plans.
1. most likely we will not extensively tour Muddy Valley's life work
2. most likely not going to tarpon springs

But, we are coming back with our friends after Christmas.
Lulu is feeling better this morning.


  1. Still praying for your daughter and yourselves. Bummer that this all had to happen at all, let alone on vacation.

  2. Get better & enjoy your Christmas visit. Say hi ti "lulu" & significant other.

  3. Hope y'all are feeling better.

  4. If you are still in Florida why is the Ledgendary Stardust Cowboy blasting from your house at 3 AM?


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