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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A random thought on a Sunday

I have had a couple discussions about guns with a few neighbors who were avid supporters of our dear leader.
I find it quite amusing. There are two statements I keep hearing: "oh they will never take peoples guns away!" and the conversation continues to were I then learn they are getting a concealed carry permit or hoarding ammunition and 20 round mags. And so I try to point out humor which is met with, "Well, I'm not giving up mine..."
There is a disconnect between what we want to believe and what we actually think. Very interesting.
Sort of like the number of dedicated anti-GMO and self proclaimed supporters of our dear leader who sell produce and eggs which they label "Organic," but they are not.
I think it is a bit funny and quite a bit annoying.
I'm opposed to everything.


  1. I noticed that neither of Oregon's Democratic Senators agreed to cosponsor Feinstein's bill. I didn't realize that was due to the well-armed pseudo-organic farmer lobby.

    But we aren't going to win the revolution with AR-15s, unless the 101st Airborne and the CIA guys who remote-fly the drones come over to our side.

    1. I try to point out to these people the problem with voting a straight Democrat ticket. I understand, I'm not all in favor of the Republicans. I lean pretty hard to the libertarian side.
      However, it is a waste. They all resort to the programing they got in their 20's. The rules don't apply to them, just to everyone else and their guy won't send them to a re-education camp. Even though it was not that long ago they were talking about Bush becoming a dictator. When ever you point out things like this they just resort to bashing "Faux" news. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

  2. LB just gave an idea for a new bumper sticker, "DRONE THE WHITEHOUSE!"

    1. Gorges, thanks for moving us all up the list...

  3. Gorges:
    Not much more than a constant drone coming from the white house these days.


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