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Friday, February 22, 2013

An obscure reference to pot culture

I am somewhat disappointed my hidden reference to smoking pot was not discovered by an astute reader. It could be that while it seems quite obvious to me and in my head I had made a connection between believing passionately in Man-Made Global Warming and smoking a lot of Chronic, in the blog i failed to make that connection.
Then again, perhaps people are tired of seeing the same old view out the windscreen of my tractor and the same stupid joke about smoking pot at a certain time of day. I know I am.
So, while I had envisioned many clever comments about planting in the rain, global warming, and Peter Tosh, those comments only appeared in my own head.
As a non chronic user I really have no explanation for this confusion. Too many Cheech and Chong albums as a kid? Welding fumes? Diesel smoke? Lorsban?
I really don't know....
Have a nice day.


  1. Went to the link and broadened my mind. I'm glad THAT issue is settled! ;-)

  2. Sorry, it was a little too obscure for me. Something about a global warning? Chronic disease? Colonic warming?
    Actually, I must be getting chronically old. When did chronic become a synonym for cannabis?

  3. Wow. Sorry I missed that....I was trying to figure out how I had missed that your tractor was a Series III. Wish my tractors would morph into newer ones!

  4. Gorges and Muddy, Ok, so I sometimes post late at night and include stupid jokes understood by only myself...
    Orin, Aliens... I think I was also probed...
    People also seem to forget that the movie brokeback mountain was sort of a documentary about a Farm Equipment Salesman...


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