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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Night Rider's Lament

There was a story here. I would like to have read it.
Ignored his fortune and worked as a cowboy in Montana. (Click Here)
I've found that the good details are often at the end of the story.

"Gray's older brother, Jerry, said Tim had worked as a cowboy and lived in the Rocky Mountain states. "He was homeless essentially. If we had proper mental health services in this country, we could have been notified and known to do something.""

So who needed mental heath services, the guy who ran off to be a cowboy or the lady who died in a hospital room with a zillion dollars?


  1. is probably a busy site right now, especially for people with the last name of Clark.

  2. Quite the story. Apparently money is not the answer to all our problems.

  3. Interesting (but sad) story, good post, and good song.

    That whole album is pretty good.


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