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Saturday, January 12, 2013

More on the 2-155 FWA

I got the front hub and axle out last night.
It was a bit of a chore. The steering arms were hard to get apart and I didn't realize the power steering cylinder was mounted with two bushings pulled together by a bolt.

Here is a photo to clarify how to pull the bushing that holds the fiber washer for the kingpin. The bottom is identical to the top. You have to use bolts inserted through the bolting flange on the top of the bushing. There are 8mm threaded holes to use. You can't use a prybar or a pickle fork or chisels as they will mar the mating surfaces. I had to resort to using two chisels on the lower one as it was rusted in. Perhaps I should have used a torch as the kingpin had worn though the bushing into the metal holder anyway.
The lower kingpin is not in very good shape. It is badly pitted. However, it is welded in so I'm thinking I will just put new bushings in and forget about it. There is really no one left to ask about things like this.


  1. There is no way I could be a farmer. You have to do this to survive. If I were in your place the nation would starve. On changing lightbulbs, I am good. Beyond that I run into issues.

    Good job. I assume you will get it working.

    Grace and peace.

  2. After reading this I think I will go and grease the front axle king pins on my Magnum. Well maybe when it warms up as the grease would be pretty much solid at today's temperatures.


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