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Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19th

Robert E. Lee was born  January 19, 1807. By most reports he was a man of great honor and integrity. Today he represents the evils of slavery to the shrill classes.
Some people see him as a defender of states rights and last stand against pain the arse Yankees in this country.
He did not terrorize his way to Washington DC, burning and destroying everything in his path. He also was not a drunk.
He was not elected president of the USA nor did he go on to terrorize and massacre the American Indian. He does not have a town in Oregon named after him.


  1. From everything I can read, including a book of his personal letters, he was the greatest man of the whole era.

  2. If only there was not that little problem of slavery. Why could the issue not have been about taxation or Lincoln not winning the popular vote or the North Having the slaves and the South not. Kind of ruins the whole just cause thing.
    Of course it would have been cheaper if the North would have just bought the slaves and set them free, but then that would have prevented the Feds from setting the example of using the gun to solve every major question of US diplomacy for the next couple of centuries.

  3. People tend to forget that by doing away with slavery the United States was on the cutting edge of social progress, not the laggard. Slavery was still considered the norm by most of the world in 1865. It was England that lead the battle against worldwide slavery and that didn't start until 1803 at the earliest.

    People ought to evaluate the past in terms of the past not the unicorn dust of the present.

    Grace and peace.


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