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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm cracking up part IIVX

I got my daughter on the school bus and came back in the house to get my coffee for the day ahead.
I see I left the tailgate down on my pickup again. This time I drove five miles that way. I did not lose the generator or the five gallons of hydraulic oil that were in the back. I remember walking to the pickup last night and thinking I should close the tailgate. I guess I did not.
This means...
1. I am losing my mind
2. I drive really slow
3. The tailgate may not latch
4. I always have to think ahead as to what stupid thing I will probably do in the future and attempt to avoid doing it. Compensating in advance?


  1. Pity your tail gate don't latch. Time to hit the junk yard and get some parts.

  2. Yeah, parts may be called for; it's too hard to find baling wire anymore.

  3. Compensating in advance for the future wouldn't work for me. I'd have forgotten it five minutes later. Seems like lately my mind wanders off in four different directions while I'm supposed to be concentrating on the job at hand.
    At least the tailgates all work good on my old trucks.

  4. Sight of the farmer's Pandora's box of the open tailgate would make any reasonable man's thoughts free associate in the direction of nightmare, perhaps visions of Lars and the Ledge on stage competing for a single microphone. Makes it hard to stay detail oriented.

    How is it that parents have to bus their kids to the bus?

  5. Saying the tailgate didn't latch is sort of reminds me of the candy bar commercial where the fellow says, "it ain't the pants honey..."

    Collieguy,I would pay money to see Lars and the Ledge on stage at the same time... I nominate the Flying Pig Fiddle and Banjo folks as the back up band.
    Daughter doesn't ride the bus often and I wanted to make sure the bus driver actually stopped.


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