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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The War on Drugs

Here is a link to a BBC article about the war on drugs.

Scroll to comment 368 or see quote below:

"368. jesus bermudez -As I feel that drug comsumption comes from the need of an indivual to resolve issues of his/her insecurity, whether drugs are legal or illegal, it will never address the problem.The body, looks for security, and if it resolves this using drugs, then the mind of such a body has to to change this."

The most insightful comment I have seen on drug use and it has 15 negative marks.
As I was telling my daughter after she got a drug lecture at school in second grade. They are lying to you. Drugs work. They make you feel good. If they didn't people would not take them. However, there are some like Heroin and Meth that destroy your brain. You have to have the self discipline and self control not to take them. There is no other way. I'm telling you the truth because if you sneak a joint when you are a teenager and feel good I don't want you saying your parents lied to you and then just ignore all the other advice we gave you.

Anyway... It is my opinion that the body is self medicating. I'm opting for religion instead of Heroin and am encouraging the daughter to do the same. You may disagree.


  1. Budde,

    Agree with you on this one. The drugs we take for aches and pain are lifesavers.

    So they had a report from people around the world that says our drug war is a failure. Are we really smarter than them? Could they actually know more than us.

    Money and Politics. Now there's a killer.


  2. That sums it up pretty well. I would add how ever that faith in the living God is a permanent cure and drugs only help for a few hours and then makes the problem worse.

  3. Drug wars DON'T work, but what else can we do? I suppose if we just legalized everything the problem WOULD eventually solve itself, once all the druggies over-dosed.

  4. The problem with the drug war is those who should be White Knights are not. I personally think the war on cigarettes has lead to more meth abuse. It is all about supply and demand. Chronic should be legalized. Probably some form of speed. Remember no-doze? I think driving under the influence laws are stupid. If you committed a crime then you should be punished. Why is the person any more dead if you were drunk? It it better to be just a really bad driver, or stupid, or sleepy? The people who drive drunk continue to drive drunk. They don't care. Just more and more regulation.
    It is a spiritual problem with our society and no law is going to fix it.

  5. So opium is the religion of the masses?


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