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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A post for Gorges

I have been looking at Gorges "Blogging My Way" post in my sidebar and for some reason it makes me think of this song.
(with apologies to Frank Sinatra)

This link will certainly get him an extra 36 views today!


  1. Budd, You would HAVE to be an interesting fellow to play word association games with!

  2. Gorges, I am glad you have sense of humor. Now you know there is someone who sings worse than the Ledge. You don't even want to know what rattles around in my skull...

  3. Budde, that was truly awful. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing. I did read Gorges blog post though. Interesting as always.
    Best music on youtube .

  4. Ralph, like your link. It is amazing to see someone play like that!

  5. Thought you might appreciate the unique style of music Budde. I always thought Chet Atkins was as good as it gets but after listening to his version of this same song, I'd take Olle Hemmingson's every time. The guy is a guitar wizard.


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