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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google and the rest the internet is officially useless, unless you want to send photos of wieners or porn, or natter on about what you did in the last five minues... Or watch videos of the legendary Stardust cowboy.

Well the title about sums it up...
The dairy fellow wants to start later today and so I have something like 5 minutes of free time. I drank about 10 cups of coffee this morning so I am able to make good use of that time. 
I am trying to find the best USED washing machine. The new Google search engine revision seems to bring up nothing but content farms and e-how worthless stuff.
We have a Kenmore washer and the rubber coupler between the drum and motor has failed for the fourth time. I did search on craigslist where I found several Kenmore 90 series washers which were in perfect condition but for a problem where the drum doesn't turn. Fancy that...
Of course buying a new one would set me back some $600 and would most likely be crap. I'm sure there is only one washing machine manufacturer left and they are deep in the BOWELS of China where they are put together by slave labor. Remember when we used to complain about stuff made in Mexico. If only we could buy things made in Mexico. The quality was so much better!
The new part is live $3 so I suppose I should just fix it again. I think I will go to the Jimmy Carter store and see what Jimmy has for sale. I wonder who made the Kenmore and if all washers of that era are the same? Perhaps I should try a used appliance store.
I have a lot to do, this is one of those rainy day things to do.
My wife is the craigslist expert, but her and daughter went to Disneyland. They went with the senior class from the school my wife teaches at. I am alone and living on poptarts, salsa, and snickers bars...And coffee!! Lots of coffee!
The washing machine would of course fail when I should be planting, chopping, baling and farming all at the same time. #$%^&! Of course with all this coffee I can do all those things at the same time. I'm actually working now. I'm checking the weather! Oh, scattered showers all week...great! Can you OD on vitamin D?
It is too cold to go naked...
I leave you with...


  1. I think that's what was wrong with my spare machine too. Go ahead, buy a coupler & from now on, try to losd the mschine evenly & leave out the heavy coins when laundering money. I'm cheap, and picked up both of mine from behind the Sears store. (Yes, I asked first!)

  2. Oh Buddy, you will have to come by and visit your two biggest fans. I have a solution for you.

  3. Now when I was a boy, all we had were the big rocks and the river. That's another story.

  4. You know, Budd; rocks don't need gaskets.

  5. i don't go back to the rock era but i do remember the wash board being used for something else other than a musical instrument.

  6. I've got a whole shed of old wringer washing machines here that could be made to work if necessary. But the modern Moffat automatic works just fine thankfully. I've even got a couple of antique washboards, for no reason other than sentimentality.

  7. I saw the BOWELS of China and it wasn't pretty...


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