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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The family returns, the dog is neurotic, i need 1.2 million dollars, the sky is blue...

I am setting in my pickup waiting for my bulk fuel tank to fill with $4 diesel. It is kind of painful. Painful because of the slow speed of the transfer pump, and painful because that will be $400 of diesel which will last me two days of mowing and chopping silage.
My wife and daughter return tonight at around midnight. I am not exactly looking forward to this. Not because I dislike my wife or daughter but because I know they will not be happy. They are coming back from disneyland to the reality of life. I have no money and I have the washing machine in pieces. It is hard to explain to one's wife that you did not take time to get a father's day present or a coupler for the washing machine because you were busy chopping silage when there is no money in the bank and there won't be till I either sell some hay or start planting. I think the silage money will go to make up for the shortfall of cash that comes from our good friends, the seed cleaners, not getting our seed cleaned or tests sent off so it could be sold and losing various lots of seed. And then there are the folks who owe me money for hay and are broke and then there is that 100 ton of my personal hay that didn't sell last year. I just don't know what to say. It is different when you are working for someone by the hour. Perhaps I should be...
Then there is the problem with the daughter, she will be unhappy. My daughter's dog keeps running away. She made me promise not to shoot it but I don't think she totally trusts me. It is an old dog. The dog has been abused. When the dog lived with my brother-in-law I really liked it. It always came to me to be petted. I thought it liked me. Actually it is just neurotic.
I have finally figured out that it is totally motivated by doggie treats and not by kind words or petting. My daughter thinks the dog loves her but really the dog just knows that kids drop little tidbits of food.
The dog is obsessed with my wife. It follows her everywhere. Of course since this was a "special needs" dog it has to live in the house. I don't like this at all but I am over-ruled by the females.
While wife and daughter are gone the dog alternates between hiding in the bedroom and when I take it outside, hiding under my wife's pickup. Now it just runs away from me unless I have food.
This morning it would not come out of the house. It is afraid of guns. I was working on the washing machine and slammed the lid. This sounded like a gun being cocked.
The dog ran past me and out the door.
Now it is wandering up and down the middle of the road and runs from me when I call it.
I have never really disliked an animal before. I've always prided myself on being able to build it's trust and make it a friend. I think perhaps it is the victim mentality that the dog shows. It is really the first dog I've just wanted to shoot...
I guess I'll just have to buy a box of dog biscuits and give it one every time I see it. I can't help but compare it with the two farm dogs who have a doggie life. They run around and investigate stuff. They don't crap randomly or stand in the road. If they are standing in the road and you yell at them they move! Then they come to be petted. If a car is coming the get out of the way, (unless the person slows down for them to move...) Right now they are chewing on each other and rolling in the driveway.
The neurotic dog is running from house to barn to wife's pickup and back again and looking very distressed.
The cat ate neurotic dog's food this morning....
Perhaps I'll have to find some doggie treats.
I do have work to do-And now the tank is full.
Have a nice day.
(If you have commented in the last couple days and I have not responded, please don't take it personal. I'm kind of busy.)


  1. I would like to see a couple more "reaction" boxes. Sometimes interesting, funny, and offensive aren't enough.
    Unconditional love: If you locked your wife & your dog in the car's trunk all day, who do you think would be overjoyed to see you when you opened it?

  2. I've been self-employed, un-employed and supposedly "gainfully" employed and they ALL suck. I'm hoping to enjoy retirement, but old folks tell me it sucks, too!

  3. Muddy, any suggestions? Strange, neurotic, confusing, etc.

    Gorges, just feeling sorry for myself. I think I'll edit it a bit. After I clean up the washer over flow in the laundry room.

  4. That Canadian is a mite easier to listen to than that Stardust Cowboy feller

  5. Gorges, I always recall my grandfather's frequent expression, "don't get old". He did though.
    Ian Tyson, a true pioneer in Canadian music. Nice video.


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