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Thursday, October 14, 2010

No-Till Annual Ryegrass

It is coming up! I no-tilled annual into our poor-yielding teff field and there are rows already. Now for the weed control. Our tests from this year's crop were not so good. I'm thinking it was the volunteer annual field. The neighbor is worried about slugs so I need to put out some test stations with slug bait. I've seen years when the header on the silage chopper or corn picker are covered in them. Haven't seen any so far.
Today I am starting no-tilling wheat for the neighbors. I'm wishing for 700 to 1000 acres of work, and the weather to get it done. I have 300 acres committed and I've completed just under 100.


  1. The annual is really jumping out of the ground this year. Well, maybe except for my no-till field that I drilled with the conventional drills! Haven't been back to look at it in a while...don't really want to. Maybe it will be OK. I'll just keep thinking that.

  2. Orin, wish I had it all planted. I'm no-tilling wheat for a neighbor. Wheat into knee-high wheat stubble. I don't know about this. I think I will disk and perhaps plow our wheat into wheat.
    I think your no-till will work. You got a warm rain on it.

  3. You guys plant wheat on wheat stubble there? I thought that was a definite no-no. We try to never plant the same crop on ground more than once in 3 years. Plant diseases, pests seem to thrive unless we break up the rotation.

  4. Ralph, Wheat on wheat, especially no-till, now that is a subject of debate. Wheat has not been grown in our little neck of the woods in years. Now that he grass seed industry has crashed and wheat prices are up slightly people are planting. What ends up happening is that people wish so badly for what they want to happen that they rationalize their farming decisions on what they hope will be the end result. So, they have me plant no-till wheat on wheat. There is a pretty good change for most people that it will work, or at least it has for the last couple years. I lost my nerve and am working our second year wheat ground. We have had problems with disease in our wet heavy clay soil but our wheat goes though a lot more stress than that on well drained soils.
    (Note: My view is not that of Ag College trained person)

  5. You fellows really need to try SabrEx seed treatment, especially in that wheat into wheat!


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