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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Computer issues

My iBook is dying. The wireless unexpectedly fails and the battery suddenly runs out of juice. This really messes up my preferred means of posting and writing which is in a little room with a kind of uncomfortable seat. I always feel better after leaving the little room. I guess it does have a GFI so I could be plugged in...


  1. Aargh! Same thing happening here. Not the trusty old G4 iBook conking so much as battery failure after only 170 cycles. Suppose something wrong in computerville could be causing short battery life. Even with careful battery management, I've been through three in that machine since new in September '04.

    Ready to move on from 10.4, I'm two iterations behind since .5 and .6 won't run on the PPC chip. Hesitate to invest in Apple's new laptops with their poured in battery because of issue above, but will probably do so when my pig comes in.

  2. Guess it tells you something that I have no idea what you're talking about!

  3. Collieguy, I'm still on 10.4 and really quite happy with the G4 iBook. My wife likes to watch TV shows on the internet and do art stuff so I suppose i should break down and get her a MacBook. I just don't want to spend money and I don't want to buy new. I guess I'll just complain.
    Gorges we are talking in the secret language of Apple followers. It really doesn't make much sense to us either...

  4. Gorges, I'm just a fellow with a dull axe watching the neighbors get their firewood in with chain saws. Guess if there is a moral, I should sharpen the axe (buy another battery), remind myself "what's time to a banjo player?" and stop griping.

    Budd E, I'm also bumping my head against RAM shortage, the limits of software I haven't been able to update, video I can't edit etc. Stuff that is kind of important in the getting the word out department to promote our musical services.


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