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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Towne

For some reason the Battle Flag of the Confederacy is flying out the window of the apartment above the Mexican restaurant on Main Street. I really doubt there is a Confederate war veteran living above the restaurant.
Confederate Heroes day is mostly celebrated in January. Perhaps the fellow in the apartment plans to secede from the union. 
I think sometimes certain folks get their politics and symbols all mixed up. Mostly likely the flag means that he is proclaiming to the world that he is a dumb ass...
Unless he (or she) is doing it to annoy the pansy bottomed leftist winetasting bicyclists that infest and plague 99W in the summer. Then I think he is a hero...


  1. "Pansy bottom wine tasting bicyclist". Can I borrow that phrase?

  2. Russell, why yes of course, please use it frequently!

  3. You will see a confederate flag in the back window of some redneck pickups around here but the poor guy can't see out his glass...

  4. I've got mixed feelings on that subject. The South wasn't completely wrong any more than the North was completely right. There were decent and honorable men who fought on both sides. The South designed a new flag because they felt that the American nation had abandoned them and attacked them on their own turf. The day could come when conservative Americans feel the same way about the people in control of this country. It's conceivable, then, that the Stars and Bars could be the new symbol of patriotism, instead of being a trouble-making visual statement by skin-heads and red-necks. I hope not, but never say "never."


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