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Friday, August 13, 2010

Keystone Kops?

I've been baling right next to 99W where I get to watch our highly qualified local police force entertain themselves. Of course, after thousands of bales locations where no one ever can see us work.... The baler has decided not to tie! Right next to 99W!
So the local cops are running a speed trap. The skinny little fellow who kind of looks like Pee Wee Herman is running the radar gun. He hides behind a mailbox. Then the rest of the Adam 12 team has the low profile "pursuit" car.
What they like to do is let the offending car get a good head start. This makes the chase so much more fun. So this is how it works.
You see a random string of cars go buy. Then you see Pee Wee jumping around with the radar gun. Sometimes he actually runs to his car to give chase, but most of the time there is a delay. Then from out of nowhere rockets the pursuit car. When I say rocket, I mean they floor it. You can see them in the car grinning and sometimes they pound on the roof. What is really funny is the expressions on the faces of the people who get out to the way for the keystone koppers. First is worry,"is it me?" Then it is relief, and then they all laugh.
Somehow I just don't feel all that safe...


  1. Wow, exciting time Budde. All I can say is you guys need to hire the RCMP to do your policing down there. None of that foolishness is tolerated here.

  2. I'm afraid corruption and incompetance are more the rule than the exception in most "law enforcement" agencies in America. I know individual cops that I like, but as a segment of society, I have little use for them.

  3. Are you perhaps baling the field where they were able to get the patrol car and two tow trucks stuck after attempting to chase down an alleged perp who was running across the muddy field?

  4. The entertainment continued this evening. And yes that was in fact the same field which claimed the patrol car and the two tow trucks.


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