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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The fourth of July

Sunday I built my daughter a catapult for water balloons. Actually it works best for those little spongy ball thingies that you soak in water and throw at people. Monday we launched six of them at the Uncle before he noticed balls were falling around him. It is not as accurate as it looked on paper. Daughter drew it all out and we built it together.
We had our annual 4th of July picnic in the backyard of the farmhouse. Then the kids talked me into taking them to the river. Employee was there with friends, there were setting around drinking beer. Brother brought dad down the the river. Dad is 91 and NO-ONE drank in front of Dad. Pretty funny. Dad had a good time. Chronic boy was there with his sister. I apologized to him for all the mean things I have said to him over the years. But then I ruined it all by getting him confused with his sister. Long-haired kids these days, can't tell the boys from the girls.


  1. Hmmm....perhaps the rubber propellant thingie could be attached to a plunger that enters the near end of a pcv pipe barrel to promote accuracy and enhance range. Perhaps some thought could be devoted to camouflage. Oh no! I am an uncle! What if my niece gets her hands on this!

  2. The trouble with apologizing is that you eventually realize that you were right in the first place!


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