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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food safety and big companies and big government and wallmart and mcdonalds

I was reading the FarmAid website. It kind of gives me the urge to smoke dope and embrace alternate lifestyles but it is interesting none the less.
I found a link to this SF Gate Article on Food Safety rules and how it will hurt small farmers.
Wallmart and McDonalds have such strict requirements for the farmer to comply with that they have to poison animals and birds in their fields.
And this is the response:

Deputy Agriculture Secretary Kathleen Merrigan said Monday the administration is keeping a "close watch" on these so-called "super metrics," acknowledging that they have harmed the environment but said, "nobody gets a pass on food safety."

Oh, yeah! We have a "green" administration.
No one except earnest and sincere elementary school teachers and a few folks in itchy scratch woolen underwear really gives a rat's bottom about the environment. Everyone else is making a buck or influencing policy or what ever it takes to capitalize on a trend.
I have some opinions on how the E-coli got into the spinach...
I doubt anyone will propose a portable irradiation device to go at the end of the packing line conveyer belt...

There was also a discussion on round-up ready crops.
In our area there is a debate over the question of the expense of the technology fee and the round-up vs the benefits on round-up ready crops. We found round-up ready was only really a benefit when you had serious weed problems. But, we don't have 2000 acres of corn and we can use atrazine and we can do some mechanical weed control before panting.
The real problem is the monopoly of two companies that sell the seed, fertilizer, and chemical, and the lack of genetic diversity in the plants.
If round-up doesn't work people will stop using it...

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  1. Sadly, all we can really do is try to grow more of our own food, until they outlaw that TOO. And don't think they aren't working on it. The government that controls where our next meal is coming from, controls our every move.

    On a related note: I once read that the ultimate goal is to literally make EVERYTHING illegal. That way, those in power can pick and choose who they prosecute.


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