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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring is a happy time of year, full of new life and flowers and rain...

I lost another planting job today. Fellow decided he wanted to spend the summer trying to kill all the bent grass on his pasture, instead of replanting it. He still has 15 acres to plant...It is going to be a long drive to do 15 acres. So, I now have 75 wet and steep acres scheduled to plant. I probably can't charge the guy $10,000 to do his 75 acres.
I started working on the White 5100 corn planter again. The parts have arrived for it. Employee called in sick yesterday morning. We ordered some insecticide boxes from our friend in South Dakota. They arrived by mail. It cost $35 to ship them.
Employee forgot to wear rubber gloves when taking the boxes apart. He then had coffee time and a doughnut without washing his hands. Afterwards, he developed an upset tummy...  Lorsban is neurotoxin and suspected endocrine disruptor. Click on link to read wikipedia reference for more info...
I am always careful around Lorsban as the smell makes me queasy and if I'm not careful I will get a sore throat. This has only been a problem when putting it on with fertilizer or planting through a recently sprayed field.
I expected a longtime employee to remember to wear rubber gloves and was his hands after handling the stuff, but... That is why you need to have regular safety meetings and review such things. I suspect that if we ran out of toilet paper folks would either set on the crapper till it magically appeared or just plain forget to wipe.

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