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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fifty more page views and I will hit 20,000

I've been trying to think of clever slogan.
Lazy Farmers of the World Unite!
Banjo playing is not a crime!
Asia is for Asiatics- no that one was used in WWII
Support Bottom Feeders?
I don't know...
I sold some twine disks on ebay for $25
I didn't sell my structo truck...
Some fellow wants me to ship the first generation mid-tech gps with a broken antenna that I have listed on ebay to Australia. I've actually been working and didn't get it weighed.
I worked half the day on my 1970 International truck trying to get the gauges to work. I got smoke coming from under the dash. I can't find where the voltage regulator for the gauges is hidden. I have a whole bunch of old resisters up in the attic at the farmhouse but it seems strange to go ask if I can take one thing from the attic without removing all my junk.
I hooked up external gauges with temp and oil pressure but I have no fuel level. I kind of need the fuel level as that truck has a 478 cu in engine and it absolutely sucks the gas.
In other news the revamped shed has boosted productivity but we are so far behind it is unbelievable.
My Ford F250 that I spent $$$$ on this winter refuses to run and I can't afford to take it to a real shop to get a computer diagnostic scan. I need to drive 30 miles to get barley seed but I have nothing that will run that far and hold 3,000lbs.
I found 4 ton of wheat for sale but have no truck to haul it. Plus I really have the cash for the wheat up front and I'm worried to buy it on credit or on an "i'll pay you later deal.
I need to make some pig feed but I'm not getting cash, just a dead pig.
Perhaps we will have nice weather this week and I can plant!


  1. I have personally tiptoed out of jurisdictions where banjo playing was a controlled activity...

  2. Congratulations on your readership!

  3. Collieguy and Gorges, do you guys realize you have looked at this blog like 8,000 times? Ralph probably hit 4,000 times or so. I suppose there could be some people who just ramble by but I doubt it...

  4. Oh and MR. G706 as been here also...

  5. Ralph, I try to never miss an opportunity to make fun of the French, I mean metric system but... There are two counters. One is at the bottom of the page which counts the number of page views from the day the Lazy Farmer started and then there is the Flag counter which I think I installed around Christmas time. So the 8,000 views are so far this year. I think. I can't really remember when I started it.


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