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Thursday, March 18, 2010

More evidence that the country is run by Morons, De-Elect congress!

I got my newsletter from PGE. (Portland General Electric) They think compact florescent bulbs are wonderful. I think not... I think they like to kiss green government arse. Perhaps they do this in honor of St. Patrick's day. The only day when I "go green."
1. They don't do well when turned off and on regularly. So.... if you turn off the light when you leave the room they will not last as long as an incandescent.
2. They cost 10 times the price of an incandescent
3. They contain mercury vapor which is considered toxic ANY PLACE BUT A #$%^&ing CFL bulb!
4. This is funny: "No flickering or humming-Today’s CFLs have better electronics than the old fluorescent lighting — no annoying flickering or humming. They may take a few moments to come up to full brightness (that’s nice when you first wake up)."
What a load of crap! They take forever to warm up and this is a good thing! Oh, yes when you first wake up... Because, you have to leave the $%^&*ing things on all day cause they will die if you keep turning them on and off! So.... Their stupid little chart only compares if you leave the CFL bulb on all the time, and you keep turning the Incandescents on and off like normal.
5. Buy cases of incandescents and store them somewhere until someone invents a better light bulb. CFL's are crap.
How do I know? We were early adopters and now we have gone back. So, congress and PGE, you can have your little love fest of shoving those little CFL's up your bottoms, I'm storing up incandescents!
Screw you green label, green is good, go green, morons...
Someone is making money on all this and it ain't me!
I think I'll go burn some plastic later today.
I wonder what would happen if I shot a can of freon with my .22-250? Would it explode like Mr. Freeze? I doubt I'll waste a $20 can on a stupid statement that means something only to me!


  1. Most "green" is really brown, if you get my drift. My experience with florescent bulbs parallels yours precisely, and you just have to love that nice deathly-white hue they give everything. I will advise you NOT to shoot the can of Freon, though; it's probably good for ten years in the pokey from the pollution police and 15-20 for domestic terrorism!

  2. Gorges, Well, I was speaking hypothetically. I'm not saying I have any cans of freon or a gun or anything like that. I have to remember that this is the Winston Smith 21st century... War is peace...

  3. While you were gone amazing things happened at the old home place and not just selling 2 loads of hay to a fine democrat whist having a lively discussion on the evils of United Fruit and Wall Street. And now I just got off the phone with our favourite Austrian horsemeister!

  4. I came home and thought I had made a wrong turn. Looked like Ed Winkle's place or some other fellow who was not a lazy farmer!


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