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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who cares about Pat Robertson...I want a lego train!

I've always wanted a lego train but they were too expensive. They are still too expensive. I find a train for say $20 and then I snipe it for $40 and it sells for $100 or in the case of the last train which had a really cool boat with it-$350...
I'd be happy with the old blue tracks, any tracks, any train. I can build stuff... I need a circle and a couple sidings. Just enough for the lego village Sadie and I have been building.

I guess with children starving all over the world we really don't need no stinking lego train now do we?
Plus, we got 500 feet of Tomica World blue track. which is worth zip on ebay... That is why it was cheap at Goodwill I guess.

Some train pictures from our house...


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