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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now I can add lazy to uncultured

Wife and daughter have vanished. That would be due to the fact that is is 8 a.m.!!!
My wife gets up really early. I tend to stay up late. Sadie likes to crawl in bed with Mom and I put her own bed when I go to bed. We have been reading at night when usually means that I fall asleep reading her a story and wake up at 11 and go to my bed...
I didn't sleep real well last night. Tossing and turning and so on. I was going to get up early  but I thought I'd just lay there for a second and think about what I'm doing today.
I woke up to a silent house. I jumped out of bed and rushed to find a clock. My wife collects old clocks but none of them are plugged in. The running ones may or may not have the correct time. The one in the kitchen read 8 a.m. My helper should arrive anytime. Unless he has quit me because I called him a philistine.
My dad has never slept in till 8 a.m. in his life. Not even when he was sick. At 90 years of age he is in his office every day at 7:30.
I'm not sure why-but he is... I guess that is good for something.
I do not want to work on that truck. I want to work on something fun, like a baler, or my tractor, or build something interesting for my feed mill or grain drill. Art for art's sake is much more fun that doing it cause you have to.


  1. When is that truck supposed to go to work for you? Sounds like at least you have interesting company while you're under there banging knuckles. I did those projects alone, got REALLY restless.

    Maybe you could incorporate art for art's sake. Stude parts somewhere? Clock with no hands for a hood ornament? Anti tank, that would be the tractor for dealing with highway traffic.

  2. I've got it the neighbor's shop so I actually need to accomplish something. We got the donor engine out today and were so frustrated we took an extended 4 p.m. coffee break. Now I have to remove rusty exhaust manifold bolts. Hope I don't have to drill them all out. Then new gaskets and some new hoses and then into the other truck. The truck in the photo is headed for the scrap heap! It was a fertilizer hauling truck and the frame and bed are in pretty bad shape.
    Perhaps I'll fix it up like those outback trucks from Australia with the kangaroo proof grill guards. Or lots of horns and mirrors. That would freak out the neighbors!
    I'll just be lucky just to get it running...


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