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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nelson Mandela is a Saint according to Charlie Rose and Morgan Freeman so it is true!

I saw Morgan Freeman on Charlie Rose talking about his latest role as Nelson Mandella. Charlie Rose had a look of orgastic delight on his face. The idea of making Nelson Mandella into a saint is a foundation point of white liberalism. Nelson Mandella is the very defininition of the Undeniable Virtue of the Oppressed. He certainly has done a very good job of leading South Africa into a brave new future. No crime there. No body killing anybody there. Just peace and love and all those rock stars!
It was an act of humanity to start killing white farmers and taking their land. Oh, but it was not him. That only happened next door in Zimbabwe  It was a very saintly act to give that land to his friends and supporters. Yes it has certainly not plunged formerly prosperous parts of Africa in poverty and famine. Those white people were rotten fellows and needed to be tortured anyway. What a wonderful world we live in.
Freedom fighters are always such wonderful people. They never put burning tires around the necks of those who oppose them. 
I'm sure the whole world cup soccer deal in South Africa will turn out really well... No crime there, no body being killed.
What this world needs is more insight from U-2 and the We are The World foundation.
This is why many people oppose gun control...
After writing this I suppose now will turn me down as an applicant to be part of their link program for selling books and music I mention in the blog. Oh well...
I did find a post on Wikipedia about the farmer genocide in South Africa. I am amazed it is even mentioned. Of course it is down played. The motive is robbery or the farmers were mean to their employees. Yup, life is much better in South Africa now! Thanks Mr. Mandela, Jimmy Carter, and Bono. We are the world, we are the children, blah, blah, blah, blah.


  1. Murder, in the name of social justice, is always tolerated (encouraged) by tyrants. To the Immoral Left (as opposed to the Immoral Right), two wrongs really do make a right. Maybe they think the whole world can be run like math class, where multiplying a negative times a negative results in a positive. Or, maybe, there's not really any such thing as immoral tyrants, only misunderstood tyrants.

  2. There was no follow up on the social change promoted by the Jimmy C. and his musical chums. Sure there were unjust conditions in Africa and they had a good sounding plan to fix it all. But, I think the freedom fighters, er NEW RULING CLASS soon discovered that they could just do whatever they wanted.
    And they did-and are...
    Of course it is destroying the country. Someone said it was like children who have killed their parents.


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