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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crazy People

I never watch TV news. In fact we only get public television. I was directed to the local station's website: to look at this article.
 Check out the comments-and I quote:
Again the dastardly Bush/Cheney/Reagan/ Ivanna Trump compiling U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service demeans all Anatidae members by implying they are subordinate to humans. One has to look no further then the Hudson River disaster involving United Airways and the icy sadism of pilot Chelsey Sulleberg III who deliberately flew his fossil fueled jet into a flock of innocent geese as proof of the ongoing war on winged victims. Outside of the passengers and crew of that crash, there were no survivors and the death toll amongst the birds, insects and fish will never be known. Geese, like all of Goddess's creations have the Constitutional right to pursue happiness free of Neo-KKKon harassment. But don't believe me or other members of the PGRSV dens of the NW. Read the Mission Statements of PETA, the Sierra Club, Earth First!, and the anti-Jimmy Dean/Col. Saunders/Oscar Meyer Liberation Manifesto for the complete and unfettered truth."

I see that Stupidtown's intern doing Mayor is being defended again. Sam Adams is a joke. The intern was underage. Of course since he is Gay he falls under-yes! You guessed it-The Undeniable Virtue of the Oppressed."
Check out the story and the comments from the KGW site. The idiots who support him are unable to distinguish between being gay and statutory rape. Shall we say the very definition of sexual misconduct-befriending an underage person and offering them a job and in return getting sex. So what if the guy is selling his story. He is a pretty screwed up person. Wonder why? Nothing like blaming the victim.

And then a poor fellow fell into an old septic tank and drowned.That would ruin your weekend.

In other news, I'm supposed to be writing for Ed Winkle while he is on vacation but I've got nothing to say to real farmers.

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