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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My painful breakfast...

The minutes of your life slowly ebb away....
S and L watched the movie "Jack" again this morning. It just keeps getting worse. I do admit that I am missing huge chunks of the storyline. I just came back after the huge crisis of the film and I just missed the secondary chase. Jack had a heart attack and couldn't go back to school and then he went to a bar for some reason. I think it was to showcase Robin Williams 10-year-old boy impression skills. Now Bill Cosby giving him words of wisdom and he acts bored. I think he should offer him a Jello Pop.
Now all the kids miss him and are standing outside his house asking him to come out in play. Of course he is hiding in a box.  Oh, now he is tossing and turning and acting frustrated. Now he is crying and has put on his oxygen mask. I don't think he is going to die. Now there is some cloud and night and day sequence which should  represent his rapid aging.
Daine Lane looks pretty good in a bathrobe eating breakfast...Oh now he has reached his moral understanding. Daine looks at him and say, "you better hurry our you will be late," Somehow this seems kind of perverted. I can't exactly put my finger on it.
Oh my, now he is running to school. This must be the, "lets solve everything by putting on a show..."
Jennifer Lopez is so happy to see him. She is his teacher. She pinches his cheek. I think I have grown as a person.
Now I now the meaning of the term, "simpering grin."
Oh boy! The movie ends with him breaking his desk again. Oh boy Robin williams is a great actor. I would never have guessed he is really 60 years old.
Oh good grief, here he is going through graduation as a 90 year old man. Oh boy! he is topping off his performance with a parkinson's shake. He is class president or something and giving a poignant speech about how short life is and shooting stars. This is an academy award moment here. Robin Williams pretending to be a 10 year old boy and a 90 year old man at the same time. I think he kind of looks like Mrs. Doubtfire.
Daine Lane has a silly hat with a rose on it.
Oh boy, now he is driving off in a convertible with his high school buddies. I guess he is not 90.
I have observed some 10 year old boys. There are a couple who live next door.
If they got some rapid aging disease and turned 40 they would not talk like babies or put their hands in their pockets and rub their toes in the dirt. If they decided to go to a bar they would most likely not grab all the beer peanuts and make a pile on the bar.
I would say that they would act much like an adult except they would be quite shy in new circumstances, they would be overly polite or refuse to talk, they would be overly interested in driving heavy equipment and trains but they would not pretend to be Robin Williams.
More wasted time.

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